8×6 Shed – Top 5 Reviewed

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  TigerFlex Shiplap Apex 8×6 Shed Tiger Shiplap 8×6 Shed 8×6 Forest Kielder Overlap Pent Wooden Shed Tiger Shiplap Windowles Apex Shed Adley 8×6 Presssure Treated Shiplap Apex Shed
TigerFlex Shiplap Apex 8x6 shedTigerSheds
Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed 8x6TigerSheds
Forest Kielder Overlap Pent 8x6 shedShedStore
Tiger Shiplap Windowless Apex 8x6 ShedTigerSheds
Adley 8x6 Pressure Treated Shiplap ShedSheds.co.uk
  Roof type
Roof type Apex Apex Pent Apex Apex
  Roof material
Roof material 12mm tongue & groove 19mm tongue & groove 8mm OSB roof 12mm tongue & groove 12mm tongue & groove
  Roof covering
Roof covering Green mineral felt Green mineral felt Not included. Mineral felt or EPDM (extra) Green mineral felt Heavy duty mineral felt
Walls 12mm tongue & groove 12mm tongue & groove 7mm Straight-edge overlap cladding 12mm tongue & groove 12mm shiplap
Floor 12mm tongue & groove 12mm tongue & groove 14mm, pressure treated boarded floor 12mm tongue & groove 12mm tongue & groove
Framing 28mm x 44mm 28mm x 44mm 28mm x 28mm 28mm x 44mm 28mm x 44mm
  Door size
Door size 78.5cm x 169cm / 2′ 7″ x 5′ 7″ 78.5cm x 169.2cm / 2′ 7″ x 5′ 7″ Not stated 78.5cm x 169.2cm / 2′ 7″ x 5′ 7″ 75cm wide / 2’6″ wide
Lock Lock and key Lock and key Hasp & staple latch (padlock not included) Lock and key Bolt (padlock not included)
Windows 4 fixed 4 fixed 2 fixed n/a 2 opening
  Window panes
Window panes Toughened glass, 3mm Glass, 2mm Shatterproof PET glazing. n/a Styrene
Dimensions 238cm x 175cm / 7′ 10″ x 5′ 9″ 235cm x 175cm / 7′ 9″ x 5′ 9″ 242cm x 189cm / 7′ 11″ x 6′ 2″ 235cm x 175cm / 7′ 9″ x 5′ 9″ 239cm x 178cm / 7′ 10″ x 5′ 10″
  Height (external)
Height (external) 213cm / 7′ 218cm / 7’2″ 200cm / 6’7″ 218cm / 7’2″ 223cm / 7’4″
  Height (eaves)
Height (eaves) 185cm / 6’1″ 170cm / 5’7″ 168cm / 5’6″ 170cm / 5’7″ 166cm / 5’5″
  Other sizes
Other sizes 4′ x 4′, 8′ x 4′, 12′ x 4′,4′ x 6′, 12′ x 6′ 6′ x 4′, 6′ x 6′, 7′ x 5′, 10′ x 6′   6′ x 4′, 6′ x 6′, 7′ x 5′, 10′ x 6′  
  Floor included
Floor included
Treatment Water based Untreated Dip treated Untreated Presssure treated
Guarantee 20 year guarantee against rot/decay/infestation 20 year guarantee against rot/decay/infestation 10 year anti-rot guarantee 20 year guarantee against rot/decay/infestation 15 year anti-rot guarantee
Summary Interchangeable sections to allow layout that suits you, including left or right hug door. Upgrade to 44mm wall logs Optional upgrades include pressure treated wood, EPDM roof, shelving unit The lack of windows makes this a good choice if you don’t want prying eyes examining the contents of your shed A low maintenance option with excellent ventilation makes this an excellent choice, a tad more expensive than the other options

Buying Guide

Sheds are found in nearly every garden across the UK, once you’ve started thinking about what kind of shed to buy you’ll begin to see them everywhere. The 8×6 size shed it the second most popular size of shed in the UK, it’s big enough to meet most peoples needs without involving a major outlay of cash like a larger shed or log cabin would.

A wooden 8×6 shed will typically cost in the region of £500 to £800 before any extras are included.

Yearly treatment with a wood preservative is recommended if you want your shed to last, alternatively you can spend more up-front for a pressure treated shed.

Key Design Features To Consider

Construction Material is probably the starting point. This sheds compared above are mainly wooden 8 x 6 sheds because this is the most popular choice of construction material. Metal or Plastic sheds are cheaper than wooden sheds, but aren’t as solid or easy to customise. The most popular plastic sheds are made by Keter (see our Keter Artisan review for an example), whilst Yardmaster have a solid reputation for metal sheds.

A Modular Design is a selling point of most wooden sheds produced by “Tiger Sheds”, this allows you to arrange the doors and windows on whichever side suits you, front, back or either side. This means you can adapt the shed to suit any garden layout. Most sheds have traditionally been made with a front entrance, but a side entrance might be more suited to your garden or intended usage. Sheds by most manufacturers give you the option to hang the door so that it opens in the direction you want.

Adaptability of modular design shed (Tiger Shed Shiplap Apex shown)

Pent or Apex roof is another important choice. Apex sheds tend to be taller than their pent roof equivalents. Compare the heights in the table above to get a clearer idea. It’s probably more of an aesthetic consideration though, if you plan to have the door on the long side, a pent roof might be more appealing.

Tongue & Groove cladding on sheds is an indicator of quality. The interlocking timber results in a sturdier more durable building. Shiplap cladding is probably more commonly found on sheds, this is a slight step down from tongue and groove but the design still ensures that water quickly runs off. The cheaper sheds will tend to step down in the quality of the timber joints, with a “square edge” or “feathered edge” which is just overlapping planks. Simple, cheap and pretty effective, but a definite notch down from “tongue and groove”.

Does a Shed need a Base?

You definitely need a level area to place your shed on. If you have a paved or concreted area you can probably use that. You will want to consider bolting it down in some manner for security reasons and to prevent problems with strong winds.

If your shed is going to be placed in a a grassy part of your garden a proper base is essential. Uneven ground will prevent the shed fitting together correctly and will eventually lead to warping or cracking in the wooden beams. You have various options, including a “plastic pro” base, a wooden base on concrete, or slabs on a levelled sanded base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a shed need planning permission?

Some of the more common situations where you will need permission: If your shed is over 2.5m high and within 2m of the boundary of your property, if used for non-domestic purposes, if used for keeping pigeons, if situated on the grounds of a listed building.

Q: Does a shed need ventilation?

If you use your shed for hobby projects which involve painting, gluing or soldering you’ll need to think about ventilation. An opening window is the easiest solution. Some sheds include ceiling vents; this is particularly important for metal sheds since they are more prone to condensation, and therefore need a way for humidity to disperse.

Q: What is shed felt?

Shed felt is a waterproof durable material available in large rolls, it is fitted to the external facing part of a shed roof to protect the roof against the elements and prevent against weather damage and rot. Typically available in dark grey or black, although you can can also buy green or red roofing felt.

Other 8 x 6 Shed Materials

8 x 6 metal shed

If wood isn’t your preferred material and you intend to buy an 8 x 6 metal shed, you might want to take a look at this from Rowlinson. It’s a low maintenance option with a sliding double door, this gives a size-able entry way to make storing large objects easier.

If you want shelving you’ll need to get some free standing units, since the metal shell isn’t suitable for nailing things into.

If you’re after something a little larger then you might want to consider the yardmaster 10 x 8 , or alternatively, a metal shed which looks like wood, the Rownlinson Woodvale – this is also 8 x 6 and is the best of both worlds, the low maintenance of metal combined with the pleasing appearance of wood grain.

Whats your Shed for?

Spend a little time considering what you will use the shed for; this will ensure you buy the right shed for your needs. If you need a “man-cave” for working on projects at the bottom of the garden, then windows are probably a good idea.

If it’s for storing different implements then you could forego the windows; this has the benefit that potential thieves won’t be able to assess whats inside, on which note, a mortice lock is probably a better choice than a padlock.

Lots of people buy a shed for bike storage. A 6 x 8 shed will work nicely for this, but there are also plenty of dedicated options, which are lower profile and cheaper than a full blown shed. This wooden bike shed is 6 foot by 3 foot and 5 foot high. If you have a bevy of expensive bikes then this asgard bike shed is ridiculously strong (doubters should check the video on the page!).

Another option for keen gardeners is a potting shed, these have inclined widows which are extra large to help plants germinate and grow.

Best Place to Buy an 8×6 Shed?

There are plenty of online retailers for sheds, some more reliable than others. The process is pretty straightforward nowadays, with everyone having moved to online shopping to some degree. Shedstore. Sheds.co.uk, TigerSheds are some of the bigger online only retailers, all with a decent reputation.

You also have your local B&Q and possibly Wickes to consider, some local garden centres also have a small range of sheds.

Delivery can be an issue in some parts of the UK where online retailers are concerned. The more northern reaches of Scotland can incur a delivery surcharge, and if you live on an island you may have to consider a trip to the mainland or to build your own!

Final Review Thoughts

You won’t go far wrong with any of the sheds in our Top 5, they’re all produced by quality manufacturers and are built to last. So long as you have a level base to prevent warping and apply treatment at suitable intervals you’ll be golden.