Adley Chelsea 7 x 7 Corner Summerhouse

adley chelsea corner summer house - small

The Adley Chelsea is consistently a best-seller in it’s price bracket, due to solid build quality and some premium touches.

If you’re looking for a compact 7 x 7 corner summerhouse, this is a great investment.

Summary Information – Adley Chelsea Corner Summerhouse (7′ x 7′)
Roof type Flat (sloping)
Roof material 8mm solid sheet board
Roof covering Heavy duty mineral felt
Walls 12mm wooden cladding
Floor 10mm solid sheet board
Windows 2 fixed
Window panes 2.5mm styrene
Door Double door with rim lock
Width x depth 2.10m x 2.10m / 6’11″ x 6’11″
Footprint (base) 3.8m² / 12’6″ ft²
Max height 2.0m  /  6’7″
Other sizes available 2.4m x 2.4m / 7’11″‘ x 7’11”
Treatment Dip treated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot warranty
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Best Selling 7 x 7 Corner Summerhouse

The Adley Chelsea is available for around £800 which I think is a great price point for a corner summerhouse. It’s an affordable option to give you an outdoor space for summer evenings and autumn afternoons.

adley chelsea corner summer house 7x7

A stylish summerhouse can improve even the most uninspiring of gardens, in the example above, it’s been painted a muted violet colour which contrasts nicely against the wooden fence and paving slabs.

12mm Shiplap Walls – Good Quality at this Price Point

The shiplap cladding used in the Adley Chelsea is 12mm thick, which is thicker than I anticipated at this price. A good quality timber wall like this is vital if your summerhouse is to last for a long time.

wall cladding and roof board

An 8mm solid sheet board is used for the roof (above right), this is covered by a hard wearing mineral felt on the outside to protect against rain and the unpredictable British weather.

Dip Treatment – Follow Up Timber Preservative Required

A dip treatment is used on the timber which ensures each building is delivered in prime condition. However, to qualify for the ten year guarantee you’ll need to apply a layer of spirit based wood preserver or weather resistant paint. If you do this each year, your building should outlast the ten year guarantee no problem.

front and side view untreated wood

FSC certified timber is used as standard throughout the Adley range, which ensures its environmentally friendly credentials.

Hard Wearing Solid Sheet Floor

A 10mm solid sheet is used for the floor, this is an entirely appropriate choice for most light uses. In this case the building isn’t destined for heavy duty uses such as storing machinery or weighty gym equipment, so I think it’s more than sufficient.

If you decide something a bit thicker is required, just choose the “Extra Strength” floor support pack at checkout. This includes extra beams to reinforce the floor significantly.

strengthened floor
Extra strength floor – optional extra floor beams for additional support

You might want to consider adding some carpet tiles or other flooring as a finishing touch, the relatively small footprint of the building (less than 4m²) means you could get the job done for under £20.

I just had a quick look on carpetright to confirm my suspicions and there are a few options at £4.99 per m², with some even cheaper options. If you’re the proud owner of a stanley knife you can cut the corner off and finish things off yourself.

An Easy and Cost Effective Recycled Plastic Base

As you’re probably aware, all summerhouses need a flat and stable base. If you’ve been a bit flummoxed by how you’re going to solve that particular issue, the company offer an easy to install garden building base at a good price.

“Plastic Pro” is basically a heavy duty plastic grid which you lay down and fill with gravel. Each grid is a 50cm square (approx 1 ft 8 inches) and each interlocks with the next. The grid is a cheap way to provide an elevated platform which will prevent damp creeping into your load bearing beams.

Plastic Pro Base
“Plastic Pro” grid for summerhouse and shed base

The grids are made of quality recycled plastic and can sustain the weight of a small summerhouse – even without the gravel. If you do elect to add gravel, it goes into each square and dramatically increases the weight which the grid can support. You will probably need a 10 kilo bag for each 50 cm x 50cm grid

This is a good alternative to a concrete base, especially if you prefer to use recylced materials.

Double Doors With Styrene Glazing

Double doors are a popular choice on summer houses since they allow you to fully enjoy your garden and even when closed the glass frontage allows great views out.

adley chelsea door details

Styrene glazing of 2.5mm thickness is present on these doors. This is a low cost option when compared to glass but it has excellent strength and shatterproof properties. If there’s the occasional flying ball in your garden you won’t need to worry too much with this kind of glazing.

The presence of a rim-lock and key another quality touch I wasn’t expecting. Most smaller summerhouses make do with a simple latch, or at best, a clasp which allows you to affix a padlock. Having a key is more aesthetically pleasing and is always my preferred option.

On the inside is a deadbolt which provides additional security. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t keep expensive gear inside and visible, but the lock and deadbolt does provide a modicum of security to deter opportunists.

7 x 7 Corner Summerhouse Plan

When is a 7 x 7 corner summerhouse not a 7 x 7 corner summerhouse? When it’s 6’11”, to be fair that’s pretty close so I won’t hold it against Adley.

This size equates to just over 2 metres for the rear walls which makes the inside big enough to accommodate a few people, but compact enough to fit into the corner of a small garden.

See the plan diagram below for more detailed measurements. These should help you judge if this is the right building for your garden. If after getting the measuring tape out you decide you need something a tad smaller, the Shire Hampton corner summerhouse shaves another 2 inches off each side so is worth looking at.

plan diagram

7 x 7 seems to be the most popular size for corner buildings, in part for the reason outlined above, but it’s also the cheapest size, and price is an important consideration for everyone.

One point which isn’t clear on the plan is the gentle slant of the roof. Most wooden garden buildings with flat rooves incorporate a gentle slant to prevent standing water and the damp damage it can cause. This is another indication of the careful thought that has gone into this design.

Review Summary

The “Adley Chelsea” is consistently a best-seller in it’s price bracket, in no small part due to the premium touches which help it punch above it’s weight.

If you’re looking for a compact 7 x 7 corner summerhouse, this is a durable, attractive choice and a good investment. Click here to visit the retailer