Adley Hereford Log Cabin with Storage

Adley Hereford Log Cabin small

A small log cabin with side storage which will slot into any garden and provide a versatile outdoor area.

The main room is compact but there’s enough space for a small garden office or pleasant garden room. The side shed is just over a metre wide and is the ideal place to store your lawnmower, bikes or other garden tools you want to protect from the elements.

Summary Information – Adley Hereford Log Cabin (11’6 x 7’10)
Roof type Pent
Roof material 12mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Green mineral felt
Walls 19mm tongue and groove
Floor 12mm tongue and groove
Windows 1 opening
Window panes Single glazed, styrene
Door Double door with mortice lock
Width x depth 3.50m x 2.38m  /  11’6″ x 7’10″ (including storage shed)
Footprint 8.33m²  /  27’4″ ft² (including storage shed)
Max height 2.38m  /  7’10″
Other sizes available No
Treatment Untreated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
Price Click here for current price

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Best Selling Log Cabin with Storage

The Adley Hereford is one of the best sellers on the market at the moment for several reasons, it’s:

  • Competitively priced at under £1500
  • Versatile, fulfilling the purpose of garden room or office, plus storage shed
  • Achieves the above whilst also looking good

The sturdy logs are a hallmark of quality and this compact log cabin will slot into most gardens without any fuss.

Adley Hereford front aspect

Apply Weather-Proof Paint or Wood Preservative

The natural colour of the Adley Hereford cabin is very pleasing and is one aspect that initially draws people to the cabin. This pleasing colour is one of several features of the slow growing pine from which it’s constructed.

Applying a preservative, be it coloured or transparent is a task which should be carried out soon after erecting your cabin. This will ensure a long, useful life. You can also alter the character of the building to your liking by applying a treatment which has a distinct hue. If you’re looking for a stark modern look, Ebony Protek is worth considering. Or you could opt for a gentler colour such as “soft sage”.

protek shades ebony and soft sage
Hereford log cabin with different Protek wood stains applied

Pine is well regarded in the building industry and is one of the top 3 timbers used in log cabins. The close grain and relatively small number of knots in the wood make it an ideal building material. It is absorbent and is a good surface for preservatives and paints.

A few tins of wood stain and a day of your time will ensure your cabin stays in pristine condition,

Roof Upgrades, Felt or Shingles

A hard-wearing green felt roof covering comes as standard with the Adley Hereford. This roof will be fine for most people but there are several upgrade options available if you feel it necessary.

An improved felt roof is available in charcoal and olive green, this is a relatively cheap upgrade which should last a few extra years before requiring replacement. If the roof is going to be visible you might like to coordinate the colour with your house roof or with other aspects of your garden. See the diagram below.

different roof options

There is also a more costly shingle roof upgrade; roughly double the price of the felt roof upgrade. This kind of roof tile is considered the gold standard for garden buildings, combining great aesthetics with excellent durability. There are three colour options, Charcoal, Red and Green.

19mm Tongue And Groove Interlocking Walls

Interlocking logs are one of the key differences between a log cabin and a summerhouse. The sturdy 19mm logs used for the Adley Hereford do away with the need for an internal framework. This results in a cleaner internal look and slightly more usable space.

A good quality “tongue and groove” on each log is paramount in achieving a good fit, which in turn leads to a weather resistant building that will last for decades if looked after. The Adley range are produced to high standards, one of the reasons they are so popular across the UK.

interlocking logs and other features

A closer look at some of the key areas such as window frames and corners gives an insight into the high quality finish which is found on these buildings.

Double Doors with Mortice Lock and Key

The double doors come equipped with a decent mortice lock, this is integral to the door rather than being screwed on the rear side, which makes for a more secure lock. This kind of design is a definite step up from a latch or a padlock and results in a much better look for the cabin.

Each of the double doors has a large pane of styrene glazing. This is a shatter resistant plastic commonly used for glazing log cabins, sheds and summer houses. It’s twice as strong as glass and cheaper to produce, hence its widespread use. It’s also a good insulator.

Adley Hereford Log Cabin & Storage Plan

The main cabin area has an internal width of 2.27 metres, and a depth of 2.16 metres. The measurements are contradictory on some retailer websites, but having triple checked there seems to be a misprint on one of the dimensions showing the internal width incorrectly as 3.27m instead of the actual width of 2.27m.

adley hereford log cabin plan with correct measurements

The image below gives a good idea of the kind of space you’ll have to play with. It’s not huge but is more than enough for a variety of uses, For example. a home office setup is totally feasible – see the middle picture – as is a small art studio, or just a relaxing area to get some peace and quiet.

internal layouts
Internal space and layouts

The side storage shed is just over one metre wide and 2.4 metres deep. This is enough space to store two bikes, or alternatively a lawn mower and an array of garden implements. With some judicious use of hooks or shelves you will be able to squeeze a surprising amount in.

Just be careful not to store any spiky things in such a manner that they can easily fall down. A rake to the head might leave more than a scratch and certainly won’t improve your mood.

If you need to do more research you might want to check our summerhouse with side sheds comparison guide.

Review Summary

The Adley Hereford is a compact and versatile log cabin. If you want to kill two birds with one stone then this garden room shed combo is just the ticket.

It’s pretty hard to find fault, it has a premium level finish and is priced competitively, all adding upto a sound investment. Click here to visit the retailer.