Adley Insulated Garden Room 4m x 3m

adley insulated garden room

A premium quality insulated garden room with double skinned insulated shiplap walls. Includes sythetic EPDM roof covering and full length, double glazed windows with safety glass.

Summary Information – Adley Insulated Garden Room
Roof type Flat with gentle slant
Roof material EPDM synthetic rubber
Walls 72mm thick, composed of 16mm shiplap, double skinned and insulated panels
Floor 12mm matchboard
Windows 2 opening, 2 fixed
Window panes Safety glass, double glazed, 14mm thick, argon filled
Door Double door with mortice lock
Width x depth 4.19m x 3.19m / 13’9″ x 10’6″
Footprint 13.36m² / 43’10” ft²
Max height 2.32m / 7’7″
Treatment Untreated
Guarantee 15 year anti-rot
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Garden Building with Airtec Insulation

Insulation is a key consideration if you intend using your garden room throughout the year. You should also budget an extra £500 – £1000 for an electrician to connect electrics to this building. A few lamps and an electric heater will allow you to use this room anytime of the day or year.

The insulated walls are double skinned insulated panels featuring “airtec” and “ecoquilt” insulation. This is a cost effective approach which provides a high level of insulation whilst remaining light-weight.

insulation layer

You will be happy to learn that the panels are fully modular, which allows you to choose the placement of the double doors and windows.

The building comes with four full length windows, two of which include opening top panes. All window panes are fully double glazed, 14mm thick Argon filled glass units.

The modular design of the front panels means that you can place the double doors in the optimum position, whether that be on the left (as shown above), on the right or in the centre (as shown below).

Free Delivery + Free Installation

The cost of delivery and installation is included in the purchase cost of this garden room. This will save you exerting yourself and prevent any assembly mishaps

adley insulated garden room untreated
Untreated garden room

Note that the Adley garden room comes unpainted, which allows you to choose whether you apply a classic wood treatment or a different colour or combination of colours.

green and beige treated
Treated with green and beige wood-preserver

A fifteen year anti-rot guarantee comes as standard when you buy this building, the only pre-requisite is that you apply wood preservative once per year. This will ensure that the sturdy 16mm shiplap timber exterior remains fully protected against the environment.

Side View – Overhang Incorporates Spotlights

Viewed from the side you can gain a good sense of the style of this garden building.

side view showing electric spotlights

The slightly inclined roof aids water run-off and features an overhang at the front with recessed spotlights. During summer evenings and dark winter afternoons, turning these spotlights on adds a touch of class to the building whilst also serving a practical use.

Garden Room / Home Office / Gym

You could be planning on setting up a home office, or a treatment room for physiotherapy or osteopathy, or perhaps a beauty salon. An insulated room is essential to allow you to comfortably work through the winter months.

Below are some visualisations to give you a feel for how things could look.

office and garden gym top down
Overhead view. Note this is the 3m x 3m version, the 4m version has an extra front window
office and garden gym internal view
Internal view. Note this is the 3m x 3m version, the 4m version has an extra front window

The layout shown is based on the 3m x 3m room, however there are a variety of sizes available so depending on your requirements you could up-size to a wider or deeper version. There are widths available up to 6 metres.

Dimensions of the 4m x 3m Adley Insulated Garden Room

The schematic below gives the exact sizing and footprint of the 4m x 3m garden room. As you can see the actual width is 4.1m and the depth is 3.1m. This gives a total footprint of 12.71m².

The roof is slightly larger, with a slight 6cm overhang on the back and sides and a 70cm overhang on the front.

garden room dimensions

The usable internal footprint is 11.8 square metres, this translates to 38’7″ square foot for those of a more imperial inclination.

If the size isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll be happy to know there are seven other sizes available, from 3m x 3m upto 6m x 4m.

different sizes available 3x3 and 4x6

Above on the left is the 3m x 3m building, and on the right is the 4m x 6m room, finished with a green and beige combination.

Quality Flooring and Finishing

It’s rare to see a skirting board on most garden buildings. The photo below gives a clear view of the excellent specification of this garden room.

The tongue and groove flooring is manufactured to a high level and sits atop floor bearers which measure 44mm x 28mm. A firm level base is a pre-requisite for installation, as with all garden buildings.

insulated room skirting board and base

Its worth noting that all of the wood is FSC certified which means that it’s sourced from responsibly managed sustainable forests.

Mortice Lock for Genuine Security

mortice lock

A mortice lock and key ensures access is controlled at all times.

The presence of a high quality lock such as this, is one of the features that differentiates a premium garden building from a standard summer house or garden shed.

Cheaper models are more likely to use a padlock or other less secure method, whilst top of the range garden rooms from Adley and Palmako tend to use high quality locks.

Quality fixtures and fittings are noticeable throughout, including the integrated spotlights, the window latches and even the hinges.

Review Summary

If you’re keen to use your garden room throughout the year, insulation is of paramount importance. The Adley insulated garden room has uncommonly thick walls and is manufactured to an excellent standard so you can buy with confidence. Click here to visit the retailer.

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