Adley Loxley Summer House

The sloping roof immediately distinguishes this summer house from the competition. If you’re looking for something to stand apart from your neighbours shed this fits the bill.

The double doors and four additional windows add to the contemporary look and make this a airy and light space from which to appreciate your garden.

Summary Information – Adley Loxley 10′ x 8′ summerhouse
Roof type Curved Pent
Roof material 12mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Heavy duty mineral felt
Walls 12mm shiplap cladding
Floor 12mm tongue and groove
Windows 4 fixed
Window panes Single glazed, 2.5mm styrene
Door Fully glazed bifold doors. Mortice lock
Width x depth 3.30m x 2.44m  /  10’10″ x 8’
Footprint 8.0m²  /  26’5″ ft²
Max height 2.11m  /  6’11″
Other sizes available 8′ x 8′ / 10′ x 10′
Treatment Dip treated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
Price Click here for current price

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Stylish Curved Roof – 12mm Tongue & Groove

The curved roof of the Adley Loxley is quite striking and is likely to draw compliments from any visitors to your garden. It also serves the practical puspose of depositing rainfall to the rear of the building.

Roof Structure and Heavy Duty Mineral Felt

The roof structure is comprised of four supports spanning the width from right to left. The tongue and groove roof sections are overlaid and the roof is covered with three overlapping sheets of heavy duty mineral felt, tacked into place.

Premium Roof Felt optional Extra

If you’re bank in the mood for an upgrade there are some premium felt options for the roof, with a charcoal or olive green option available for a reasonable price.


Black guttering is also available as an additional option, if you’re a gardener you might want to consider pairing this with a water butt to ensure your plants are watered with rainwater; this is a precious resource in some parts of the country

Wide Double Doors

Sturdy double doors are always a welcome feature on a summer house. They go a long way to making the building more usable and enjoyable, allowing a cool breeze to enter and helping the building seem like an extension of your garden.

adley loxley double doors

A secure mortice lock is a welcome bonus and a feature which helps consolidate the classy feel of the Adley Loxley. Two tower bolts are also included to make the double doors more secure.

FSC Certified Timber

Slow grown baltic pine is sourced from sustainable forests in the scandinavian regions near the baltic. This kind of wood is ideally suited for log cabins and summer houses. Using a well-managed forest gives you peace of mind that you’re not contributing to deforestation and needlessly increasing your carbon footprint.

It’s also guaranteed against rot for 10 years which is reassuring.


Hefty 45mm x 28mm framing is used to support the summer house structure. This is pretty solid and thicker than you might find in other summer houses in this price bracket.

Be sure to paint, or use a quality wood preservative to protect your summer house

Shatterproof 2.5mm Styrene Windows

The four windows are made from styrene, a kind of plastic which has perfect qualities for garden buildings. It’s significantly stronger than glass so should survive any sporting mishaps which take place in your garden.

The four windows are tall enough to allow a good amount of light to enter the summer house and are all topped with wooden rain guards to protect the integrity of the window frames and prevent leaks becoming a problem.

Panels Used in Construction of Adley Loxley 10 x 8

The curved roof used for this building is re-assembled to ensure a high quality durable finish. This approach has been extended to the other parts of the building making the assembly a relatively stress free affair.

adley loxley construction

An installation service is available from the retailer at a reasonable cost if you’d prefer to stand back and watch professionals at work.

It’s recommended that you pre-drill holes before fixing screws

Walls – 12mm Shiplap Cladding

The walls panels are constructed of 12mm timber in a shiplap configuration to prevent water ingress. Precision machinery at the Adley production facility paired with an reassuringly pedantic quality assurance team ensures a high quality finish on every building produced.

Available in Two Sizes

There are currently two different sizes available to accommodate a range of garden requirements. If you have a larger family or simply need a larger space you should choose the 10 foot by 8 foot version. If your garden is more suited to a smaller building the 8 x 8 Adley Loxley probably fits the bill.

adley loxley dimensions

Both designs include the signature sloping roof, double doors and solid build standards we’ve come to expect from Adley summerhouses.

A previously available 10 x 10 version has been discontinued to focus production on the more popular sizes. If you’re looking for something a bit larger you might consider the Adley Insulated Garden Room. Or if your looking to control costs a little more, the slightly cheaper Adley Truro is a good option.

Review Summary

The Adley Loxley is priced competitively with a good specification and contemporary style which elevates it above its peers in this price rang. The double doors and spacious interior mean it will appeal to a wide range of home-owners looking to enhance their garden.

Another well constructed building from Adley which we’re happy to recommend. Click here to visit the retailer