Adley Newhaven Small Log Cabin with Veranda

adley newhaven small

A rustic log cabin perfect for small gardens. Available with a veranda and the option of georgian window frames.

Versatile enough to use as an outdoor room, gym or small garden office. Priced around the £1700 mark.

Summary Information – Adley Newhaven Small Log Cabin with Veranda 3.3m x 3.7m
Roof type Apex
Roof material 16mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Green mineral felt
Walls 19mm tongue and groove
Floor 16mm tongue and groove
Windows 2 opening
Window panes Single glazed, BS EN 12600 safety glass
Door Double door with mortice lock
Width x depth 3.30m x 3.66m  /  10’8″ x 12’0″ (including veranda)
Footprint 29.5m²  /  80’7″ ft² (including veranda)
Max height 2.65m  /  8’8″
Other sizes available 2.5m x 2.0m to 3.3m x 3.7m / 8’2″ x 6’7″ to 10’10” to 9’10”
Treatment Untreated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Cabin with Rustic Georgian Frames

An overhang and veranda combine to give this small log cabin a rustic feel. You can enhance this effect by choosing Georgian style frames for the windows and doors at no extra cost.

contermporary or georgian windows

All windows are fitted with BSEN 12600 safety glass as standard. This should prevent easy breakages and also makes the cabin more secure.

Interlocking 19mm Tongue and Groove

The sturdy 19mm logs used for the walls are manufactured to precise standards to ensure they interlock perfectly (see below).

small log cabin build features

If you’re looking for a DIY log cabin project, the interlocking logs will make your job more straightforward. A detailed assembly manual is also included.

The floor and roof use 16mm logs which also feature tongue and grooves to ensure a good fit.

Most log cabin kits like this are a two man job and this is no exception, so you may want to start thinking how you will recruit a willing sidekick. The promise of gin and tonic on the veranda may seal the deal…

FSC Approved Timber with Anti-Rot Guarantee

The wood used is slow grown Baltic pine which is classified as FSC approved timber, meaning that it’s sourced from well managed forests.

adley newhaven log cabin with veranda

This material has proven it’s longevity and resistance and comes with a ten year anti rot guarantee.

High Quality Finish

All fixtures and fittings are made to ensure a long-life for your cabin. The heavy duty felt roof will keep the elements out, whilst the mortice lock will do the same for unwanted visitors.

small log cabin windows and roof

These are some of the touches which separate a quality log cabin from a cheaper summerhouse.

Adley Newhaven – Front and Side View

From the front aspect you can appreciate the good view granted by the double doors. In summer you can keep these open and enjoy your garden from the comfort of your very own log cabin.

newhaven log cabin front and side view

The side aspect shows the veranda and overhang which imbue a unique rustic charm. Combined with the chalet-style interlocking logs and you have a building with charm and character.

Floor Plan and Veranda Measurements

adley newhaven floor plan

If you’re looking for a log cabin for a small garden, this may fit the bill.

At 3.3 metres wide and 3.6 metres deep, it’s small enough to fit into most outside spaces.

The compact size still gives you plenty of space to play with. So long as you’re not planning on installing a pool table.

A large double sofa or a table and several chairs will comfortably fit inside.

Whatever use you have in mind, there’s should be ample space to accommodate.

Snug Garden Room

log cabin garden room

In this photo you can see a large double sofa comfortably fits against the back wall, with a few photos resting on a shelf adding a personal touch.

You could also consider adding a small side table so you can sip your afternoon tea from the comfort of your cabin.

If you intend running electrics to your log cabin you will be able to install lighting and a heater for the winter months; if you’re qualified to do this yourself that’s ideal, otherwise you’ll need to leave the electrics to a professional.

Compact Home Gym

small log cabin home gym

If you don’t have space inside your house, this is a great way to add some extra floor-space.

On the right is an example which shows how this small log cabin can be configured for use as a home gym.

It has enough space for an exercise bike, some free weights and a multi-gym.

Note the addition of mats to help protect the floor from indent marks. The two opening windows are an essential feature to keep your cool and powering through your workout. If your gym is at the bottom of your garden you’ll have no excuse!

Adley Newhaven without the Veranda

If you’re keen on the design of this log cabin, but prefer not to have a veranda, you should buy this version of the Adley Newhaven (shown below unpainted and painted).

adley newhaven log cabin with no veranda

It also does away with the slightly overhanging eaves seen on the veranda version.

This is also available in multiple sizes and prices, the lack of a veranda cuts down the footprint even more which makes it a good option if you have a smaller garden; it’s also slightly cheaper since less wood it used.

Review Summary

If you’re in the market for a small log cabin, and your price point is for kits under £2000, the Adley Newhaven is a great choice.

A ten year anti-rot guarantee should re-assure you that this will be a long lasting investment. Click here to visit the retailer.