Adley Truro 8 x 8 Summer House

adley truro summer house

The Adley Truro is an 8 x 8 summer house with bifold doors. It’s a competitively priced offering with a reverse apex roof and good quality overall specification.

It includes 12mm tongue and groove walls and floor. The presence of huge bi-folding doors makes it pretty unique at this price point. There are also a variety of upgrade options worth considering.

Summary Information – Adley Truro 8′ x 8′ summerhouse
Roof type Reverse Apex
Roof material 8mm solid sheet board
Roof covering Black sand felt
Walls 12mm shiplap cladding
Floor 12mm tongue and groove
Windows 2 fixed
Window panes Single glazed, 2.5mm styrene
Door Fully glazed bifold doors. Mortice lock
Width x depth 2.40m x 2.50m  /  7’10″ x 8’2″
Footprint 6.0m²  /  19’8″ ft²
Max height 2.60m  /  8’6″
Other sizes available 10′ x 8′
Treatment Dip treated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
Price Click here for current price

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Fully Glazed Bifold Doors

The bi-folding doors are the outstanding feature which sets the Adley Truro apart from other summerhouses in (and above) it’s price bracket. Floor to ceiling glazed windows have the effect of making this feel like part of your garden when you’re sitting within.

adley truro doors open and doors closed

These kind of doors require slightly more care to install properly, if not anchored to a strong frame can begin to bow after several years. The 28mm x 28mm framing on the Truro is sufficient to mitigate this risk.

The windows are also glazed with styrene which is lighter and stronger than glass, thereby making the doors lighter than they would otherwise be. With the added benefit that accidental breakage of the windows is very unlikely.

Roof and Ceiling Quality

Hardwearing black sand felt on the roof provides a reliable and time-proven barrier to the elements. This covers an 8mm solid sheet board, a common material to use for rooves on summer houses at this price point.

I’d prefer to see a tongue and groove ceiling but that would add several hundred pounds to the cost. So long as you periodically check the felt for deterioration and replace it before damp weather affects the board you should be fine.

summer house details

It’s evident that the manufacturers have looked to fill a gap in the market and specified this as a mid priced offering. If you’re looking for something at this price point, you’ll expect to make a compromise somewhere and the solid sheet board is it.

A Good Quality Finish Overall

Other elements of the summerhouse are pretty good, the 12mm tongue and groove floor is thick enough for most uses.

An extra strength floor upgrade is available if you need it, this is relevant if you plan on storing heavy equipment within, or doing exercise which might place extra stress on the floorboards.

A mortice lock and key is nice to see at this price, a definite step up from a latch and padlock which is offered on some other buildings.

Windows are made from 2.5mm styrene, a shatter resistant material which is lighter and more durable than glass.

Adley Truro Floor Plan

Looking at the design is useful to glean some more details. Specifically we can see that the eaves height is 201cm with the top of the apex roof being 256cm. This should provide plenty of headroom for most people, if you’re taller than average you can judge whether this is suitable for you or not.

adley truro floor plan

The floor plan shows the exact sizes, which are actually a few inches under 8 foot. The width of the bi-fold door is 6’2″ (189cm) whilst the side windows measure 1’10” (56cm).

It might be worth marking this out in your garden to get a proper feeling for the size of the building and decide whether it’s the right size for what you have in mind.

Truro 8′ x 8′ or 10′ x 10′

The Adley Truro summer house is available in two different sizes, with the larger size having an extra foot of width on either side of the bifold doors.

This translates to an extra 16 square foot of floor space, a useful amount for an additional cost of around £150. If you’ve got the extra space and cash it might make sense to buy the larger size.

8 x 8 or 10 x 8

The only discernible difference aside from the slightly wider aspect is the additional of another vertical wooden strip either side of the door. It’s a pretty minor detail and neither here nor there in my opinion.

Dip Treated – Requires Wood Preservative

Dip treatment is a temporary protection and you’ll need to apply a coat of wood preservative or paint each year to keep your wood protected against the UK weather.

If you’ve been playing the long game you might have well trained kids that can carry out the task. Otherwise you’ll have to spend a couple of hours each year keeping things up to scratch. Still, the mantra “if you want a job done properly, do it yourself” might be applicable here.

Three Viable Base Options

If you don’t have a plan for a solid base there are several options which can be tagged onto your purchase without much ado. They range in cost from £139 to about £900.

8′ x 8′ Plastic Pro Base

A lightweight and more eco-friendly option than concrete. A matrix of plastic which is filled with gravel to support the weight of the building and allow efficient drainage.

Wooden Portabase – Supply & Fit

A professional team will construct a rectangular wooden base on your property. This will be made from pressure treated timber and staked into the ground. A viable alternative to a concrete base for a building of this size. Includes a 5 year anti-rot warranty.

Slabbed Base Preparation Service

An area will be prepared by cutting turf (if required) and laying concrete slabs on a levelled sand base. This work will be performed by a professional team and includes a 12 month warranty.

Higher Specification Buildings Come At a Cost

If you’re looking for something similar but with a higher specification, and a concomitantly higher price, consider the Palmako Lea log cabin, which also has a bi-folding door.

If that isn’t suitable perhaps the Adley Insulated garden room with large double doors and a contemporary style fits the bill. This is available in a larger range of sizes so one might be what you’re looking for.

Review Summary

The Adley Truro is a competitively priced 8 x 8 summer house with bifold doors; a feature usually reserved for top end buildings. These doors completely open up the summer house and can add an extra dimension to your garden.

A commendable offering from Adley, addressing an evident demand from the marketplace. Click here to visit the retailer.