Asgard Bike Shed – Access Plus 7 x 3

asgard access plus bike shed

This Asgard bike shed is perfectly sized for storing 4 bikes. Constructed from reinforced, galvanised steel; it’s probably the most secure bike shed on the market. All screws are internal, with hinges encased in welded metal plates. The pick resistant locks are locksmith approved and police approved.

Summary Information – Asgard Bike Shed – Access Plus 4 Bike Storage
Roof type Pent
Roof material Galvanised steel – 18 gauge
Walls Galvanised steel – 18 gauge
Floor Heavy duty metal base (Optional extra, timber floor)
Windows n/a
Window panes n/a
Door Double door with twin locking system, fitted with internal steel deadbolt, pick and drill resistant lock
Width x depth 2.31m x 1.05m / 7’7″ x 3’4″
Footprint 2.43m² / 7’8″ ft²
Max height 1.34m / 4’4″
Treatment Powder-coated paint
Guarantee 10 year anti rust. LPCB approved
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Asgard Bike Shed Review

Bike theft is endemic in the UK. You may have already suffered the misfortune of having your bike stolen and are looking to stop it happening again.

If you own the kind of bike which has thieves salivating, then a wooden shed with a ten pound padlock isn’t going to cut the mustard. However, this beast from Asgard is a different proposition.

Space For All the Families Bikes

If you’re looking for bike storage for four bikes, this is perfect. It’s slightly longer than the standard mode “Access”, hence the “Plus” moniker; allowing a little extra space for bikes with a longer wheel base or 29inch tyres – these sometimes don’t fit in the typical garden bike stores.

bike shed for 29 inch tyres

So if you are looking for low profile bike storage option, which is also the most thief proof available then you should strongly consider this offering. Admittedly it doesn’t come cheap, with the price oscillating around the £700 mark, but if you are contemplating something this secure, it’s probably because your bikes are worth a fair bit more than that.

For a moment, consider the disappointment and subsequent costs involved in replacing three or four bikes… If you’re un-phased then maybe you’re looking for a more economic wooden bike shed (check our review). If you’re still here, then read on and begin to appreciate what’s on offer from Asgard.

Shelves And Storage Space

bike shed shelf

If you’re a full blown bike nut with a variety of bikes, the extra space and security is great.

You can fit your big wheeled down-hillers or tall racing bike in with no stress. Anything short of a penny farthing will probably fit.

There is also the option to buy shelves and hooks (available as extras) which can be fitted on the inside to store helmets, spd’s, oils, lubes, pumps, inner tubes and any other goodies you need to keep your bike in tip-top condition.

Low Profile and Small Footprint

If you’re looking for a secure, low profile shed for the families bikes, this will slot neatly into your garden without occupying a large area. Keeping muddy bikes outside the house is the priority for some family members, whilst others might be more concerned about keeping the bikes safe.

This accomplishes both aims, admittedly, it’s roughly twice the price of an equivalent sized wooden shed, however, it will prove it’s worth as an effective deterrent and will last much longer, with no maintenance required.

Secure and Galvanised Heavy Gauge Steel

Thick heavy gauge steel is the first and most important difference between and Asgard bike shed and a standard wooden shed. It’s probably fair to say that 80% of wooden shed doors can be opened with a strong kick. However, if you try that on the Asgard Access Plus, you’ll be limping for a week.

asgard access 4 bike shed

The thick metal plates are attached to a metal base which can be bolted onto a concrete floor or frame. Even if you don’t bolt it down, at 114 kilos (not including bikes) it’s not going anywhere fast.

Roof Includes Gas Struts for Easy Lift

The roof incorporates gas-struts, as used on car boots, to allow easy lifting. When lowered and in it’s secure position the roof fits snugly, with no points of leverage for a crowbar. The rear hinges are also encased in welded metal plates. Every potential weak point has been addressed.

Heavy Duty Pick Resistant Lock

The main titan lock is pick and screwdriver resistant, thereby frustrating sophisticated and brute force attacks. I’ve watched videos of it being tested by hammering a screwdriver into the lock, to no effect.

Secure Points for Additional Radial Locks

radial lock for bike shed

For additional security, the roof includes two secure shielded points to which radial padlocks can be attached (see photo on right).

When bolted in place, only the keyhole is visible, which means that even a hacksaw will be thwarted,

The radial locks are not mandatory, since the shed is still secured by the main lock without them.

However, this is a great option for those with a healthy level of paranoia.

For an extra £25 you can triple the number of locks which need breaking, I consider it another useful step to frustrate access and slow potential thieves down.

Angle Grinder Access Only

In short, losing the keys is not recommended. A high quality angle grinder is pretty much the only way to gain access to this Asgard bike shed.

It goes without saying that a professional thief is likely to consider an angle grinder a high risk tactic. In the dead of night, the screech and grinding of an angle grinder would be the least stealthy approach imaginable.

I’ve not tested this approach but i’m pretty sure it would take 10 minutes or longer to work through the thick steel during which time your entire street would be woken up.

Positive Bike Magazine Reviews

locksmith approved lock

The Access has received uniformly positive reviews from many leading bike magazines and other publications, including the following: Cycling Weekly, Single Track UK, BikeRadar and the Telegraph.

Their metal sheds are also Locksmith and Police Approved. The real proof in the pudding is that multiple team GB cyclists use them to store their pride and joys at home. Locking up a multi-thousand pound bike outside your house requires a certain level of confidence.

Asgard bike sheds are widely recognised as being the most secure bike sheds available in the UK market. They’ve been building and manufacturing the highest quality secure sheds from their base in Yorkshire for over forty years.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a highly secure bike shed for four bikes, the “Asgard Access Plus” is one of, if not, the best option.

This reinforced metal shed has addressed all of the weak points so even the most determined thief will struggle to gain access. It also includes a ten year anti-rust guarantee and is approved by the police. Click here to visit the retailer.