Belated New Year Wishes

I hope you’ve had a good start to 2022, hopefully all the problems of the last two years are behind us in the UK. I’ve realised that turning off the news is a good way to remove some noise from my life, there’ll always be a new story to dramatise, and not much of it has any direct impact on my existence.

Christmas was pretty good this year and was punctuated by mince pies and assorted alcohol. At the behest of the other half we got some christmas lights. In previous years we didn’t have any lights which is pretty miserly I admit, but this year I caved in and splashed the cash. One of those outdoor plug boxes is a must (they’re about 20 quid). With the two sets of lights I think the total outlay was £70. A bit of an indulgence but it definitely lifts the spirits and we got some positive feedback from neighbours, despite our showing being much more low key than others.

B&Q bargains

If you’re looking to upgrade your garden this month, there are some bargains to be had. I was strolling around B&Q the other day and despite the cold weather wandered to their outdoor area.

I was surprised by the hefty reductions on at the moment, this might vary by store but it’s definitely worth a look in your local B and Q.

There were two sheds which caught my eye, the first one looks like a 6×8. It’s reasonably sturdy, has a pair of windows and basic overlap cladding.

It’s price has been cut in half to £280 which is pretty good for a 6×8 shed. Take a look at the picture, you’ll notice the double door also, so an option worth considering if you need to wheel things in and out for storage.

There was an even cheaper option a little further along, with it’s price knocked down from £300 to £150.

It was a similar design, with an OSB roof and overlap cladding, the windows were a little flimsy feeling, but if you look after it, you’d have a functinoal shed for at least 5-8 years i’d say.

The rooves on both of these sheds are both OSB covered with a pretty thin felt by the looks and feel of them, but at this price you can’t really complain.

I imagine these offers are available whilst stocks last, or until the end of January. Check out your local, and no i’m not being paid by B and Q to write this, just giving you a heads up.

I almost bought a kitchen whilst I was there, not a full kitchen, just a cooker/stove, which was £150. But that’s another story, although not a particularly interesting one though.

January offers from Shedstore and Wayfair

I’ve received a few emails about offers from online retailers, these seem to be mostly ending in January, so get your skates on if you’re interested. No doubt it’s an attempt to move old stock before the new comes in, but fashions regarding garden sheds don’t change that much. On reflection it’s more likely a way to drum up business in what is probably the quietest month of the year in retail.

Shedstore have got a targeted 5% off “Forest Sheds” . This link will take you to the relevant page. I’ve been advised this sale ends on 31st January. There’s a pretty good range of sheds here, with different roof styles and a wide selection of sizes, so it’s worth a browse. Also worth noting that most have a 10 year anti-rot warranty. Shedstore have a solid reputation so i’m happy to promote them. Like a lot of sites on the internet nowadays, if you visit via my link and end up buying I’ll get a small commission from them.

Wayfair are kicking off a shed sale on 28th January, this is the link, but there’s nothing on the sales page until the 28th, so put a note in the diary. They typically have a smaller range of sheds than Shedstore but they’re a well recognised name in the UK.

If you’re still stumped for ideas after visiting those pages don’t forget my 8×6 shed review page. As ever I put in a lot of effort to distil the best sheds available online and put them at your fingertips.

Hoping everyone has a great January.