Garden Beach Hut Design Ideas and Buyers Guide

Beach Hut Overview

A beach hut is the perfect place to relax and adds a dash of that great holiday feeling to any garden or outdoor space.   

This guide has thirty three different photos which should provide plenty of inspiration to help you customise your log cabin, summer house or garden shed in the style of a beach hut.

This Guide is split into the following sections and has useful ideas whether you’re buying a log cabin to convert into a Beach hut, or you have an old shed you want to make look good…

  • Choosing a Beach Hut Design
  • Colourful Design Ideas
  • Striped Beach Huts and Beach Sheds
  • Pastel Coloured Beach Huts
  • Weathered Beach Sheds
  • Decorative Touches

If you’re looking to recreate the look and feel in your won garden, then i think this hut is a pretty good option.

Choosing a Beach Hut Design

Apex Roof and Windows?

There are no hard and fast rules for beach hut design, but there are some common themes which can help add authenticity to your beach hut.

An apex style roof is an essential feature, this helps ensure a long life on the beach front and should be incorporated into your garden beach hut. 

apex style rooves

Single or double doors are fine, and the presence or absence of windows is also up to your preferences.  Although if you hope to enjoy your garden in all weather you should probably choose a hut with windows, this will allow you to retreat inside when it rains and still benefit from natural light.

Colour Scheme Choices – Pastel, Stripes or Bold Colours?

You may have asked “how do you paint a shed like a beach hut?”

Well, you need to be adventurous, moving away from brown stained wood is the first step.  Whether its pastel, striped or bold colours, something which stands out is the defining feature of any beach hut.

pastel stripes or bold colours

Choose a main colour, or colours (if striped) and then decide on a contrasting colour or differing shade to sue for the gable and the window and door frames.

Putting together a colour chart is worth doing.  Your local D.I.Y. shop should be able to help you out with the specific colours, just be sure you’re happy with the combination before you splash out. 

Consider A Front Veranda to Provide Shade

A veranda is a fairly common feature to give some protection from the sunshine.  You’ll come to appreciate it in the midday sun during the summer months.

Is It Worth Elevating The Beach House?

Along the coastline it’s common to see beach huts a few feet above the sand to protect against high tides.  Doing this in your garden is possibly more effort than its worth, but if you’re willing to take on the extra time and expense involved it’s a step which can add authenticity.

If you can buy a beach hut which includes this feature then you’ll save yourself a headache and be assured that the design is suitable.

Adding a Base of Pebbles or Sand?

If you’re going the whole hog, you could also add a sandy area or maybe a pebbled area around the base of the entrance. This can be a great way to bring the beach to your back garden. 

pebbles or sand

You should also consider adding a wooden border to prevent the materials slowly spreading across the rest of your garden.  This makes mowing the lawn a less daunting proposition.  You could even create a pebbled pathway through your garden to the entrance of the beach hut.

Thirty Three Garden Beach Hut Design Ideas

Below are some of the best painted beach huts from Whitstable, Hove, Cape Town and Melbourne. Across the world, these humble buildings serve as a focal point for relaxation and enjoyment.

Colourful Design Ideas

If you’re looking for some beach hut paint ideas, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had here.

brightly coloured beach huts on pebble beach Calshot Hampshire
Brightly coloured huts at Calshot, Hampshire. Credit – Philip George @flickr
Pink and Blue Beach hut southwold
Contrasting colours in Southwold. Credit – Rob A Dickinson @flickr
row of colouful beach huts st james cape town
Colourful beach huts in Muizenburg, Capetown. Credit – TyneWear-Rob @flickr

An absolute riot of bold primary colours is on show with these beach huts in Cape Town, South Africa.

melbourne beach boxes red and green
Brightly coloured “beach boxes” in Melbourne. Credit –

There are about 82 “beach boxes” of varying gaudiness in Brighton Beach in Melbourne. If you’re ever in Melbourne and it’s definitely worth a visit.

space invaders beach box brighton beach
Space Invaders at Brighton Beach. Credit – Mariono Burstein @Instagram
blue australian flag beach hut, brighton beach melbourne
Australian flag “beach box” in Brighton Beach, Melbourne. Credit – Jon Lin Photography.

This Australian flag themed beach hut would appeal to a certain barbeque mad demographic, taken at the iconic Brighton Beach in Melbourne.

row of five bathing boxes brighton beach melbourne
More Brighton “Beach boxes”. Credit – Bernard Spragg @flickr
Row of purple beach huts bournemouth
Purple huts facing Bournemouth beach
elevated beach huts at holkham nature reserve near kings lynn
Elevated huts at Holkham nature reserve, near Kings Lynn. Credit – Adam Swaine @flickr
white sheds with green and yellow door paignton
Sheds in Paignton. Credit – Jon Short @flickr

Striped Beach Huts and Beach Sheds

Stripes have always been a mainstay of the British sea-side and this collection of huts and sheds should provide some inspiration if you plan on sprucing up a tired old shed.

Either vertical or horizontal is fair game, the choice being dictated by the direction of your planks and logs.

lime green vertical stripe beach hut felixstowe
Felixstowe lime green stripes. Credit – lomobabe @flickr
green beach hut with striped white door, teignmouth
Striped door at Teignmouth. Credit – Simon Caplan @ flickr
green and beige stained wood beach hut
Striped door and stained green wood. Credit – Only Lines @flickr
blue and yellow bathing hut brighton beach
Blue and yellow horizontal stripes, Brighton Beach. Credit – Chris Mitchell @ flickr

If you’re Swedish, or a fan of Boca Juniors then this blue and yellow beach hut in Southwold could be just the paint-job you’re looking for.

swedish flag beach hut
Blue and yellow hut in Southwold. Credit – Jon Dickens @flickr
small red orange yellow beach hut rye
Credit – 54 Ford Customline @flickr
row of three multicoloured beach huts melbourne
Coloured beach huts in Melbourne. Credit – Sharon Lapkin @flickr
five coloured striped beach hut hopeman
Multicoloured beach hut in Hopeman. Credit – Nairnbarn @flickr
striped dolly mixture hut wells norfolk
Dolly mixture paint job in Wells, Norfolk. Credit – Adam Swaine @flickr

This is a pretty stand out paint-job. You can find this gem in Holkham in Norfolk. If I were to guess i’d say the owner is a fan of dolly mixtures.

pink striped beach house
Pink Striped beach house. Credit – “beach hut middleton

This imposing pink striped beach house is one of several to rent on the Australian coast near middleton, worth visiting if in the neighbourhood…

pink striped beach hut
Pink and orange stripes. Credit – SkyeBianca @ flickr
pink red white striped beach hut herne bay kent
Pink red and white striped hut in Herne Bay in Kent. Credit – Susan Pilcher @flickr

Pastel Coloured Beach Huts

If you want a soothing colour for your garden beach hut or summer house then a gentle pastel colour is worth considering.

Decorative gables with a deeper shade than the main colour seem to be a common feature of pastel painted beach huts.

three pastel coloured beach huts on the sand
Credit –
lilac beach hut with buoy mudeford
Lilac hut in Mudeford with decorative buoy. Credit – Richard Eason @flickr
pastel pink and white beach hut with verandah
Peach coloured hut with contrasting white details. Credit – Chris Ring @flickr
blue beach huts at mudeford sandbank
Pair of blue cabins on the beach in Mudeford. Credit – Sue Pratt @flickr
mudeford sandbank 270000 beach hut

The middle hut in this row made the news after it sold for £270,000. Mudeford Sandbank is obviously in high demand.

Weathered Beach Sheds

A weather beaten hut on the beach has a certain kind of appeal. No other building seems to wear a dishevelled look with such panache. The flaking paint and dried out wood tells the story of a hard life exposed to the harsh summer sun and lashed by salty winds during the winter.

Replicating this in your back garden can be done by painting and then A) waiting a few years… or B) going at it with sandpaper and a scraper.

weathered aquamarine beach shed west wittering
Weathered aquamarine shed in West Wittering. Credit – Dan Bernard 131 design
weathered blue shed
Credit – Ian Tear @flickr

Decorative Touches

If you want to leave visitors in no doubt over the beach theme, a well placed nautical themed object should do the trick.

The examples below are chosen to stand out against the background, thereby drawing the eye. If you don’t have any boating paraphernalia lying around just pop onto ebay and see what you can find.

lifes a beach decorative buoy
Red and white decorative buoy. Credit – Richard Eason @flickr
beach hut decoration oar number 272
Oar with hut number. Credit – Paul Sims-Williams @ flickr
104 sailing boat decoration, cromer norfolk
Credit – Mary Kouinoglou @ flickr
lifes good at the beach sign

Lifes good at the beach sign. Credit – Andrew Huggett @ flickr

If you plan on hosting some garden drinks or a barbecue, having a stunning beach hut as the backdrop will be a great talking point.