BillyOh Dorset Log Cabin Garden Office

Billyoh dorset

The BillyOh Dorset is one of the best selling log cabins in the UK.  It’s suitable for use as a home office or as a stylish garden room. Optional extras include thick flooring and double glazing to keep external noise to a minimum.

Summary Information – BillyOh Dorset Garden Office
Roof type Reverse Apex
Roof material 11mm tongue and groove (Optional upgrade to 19mm)
Roof covering Optional extra, green mineral felt, grey or black shingles
Walls 28mm (Optional upgrade to 44mm or 70mm logs)
Floor Optional extra, 11mm tongue and groove or 19mm tongue and groove
Windows 3 opening
Window panes Single glazed (Optional upgrade to double glazed toughened glass)
Door Double door with 5 lever mortice lock
Width x depth 5.05m x 4.04m  /  16’7″ x 13’3″
Footprint 20.4m²  /  66’11” ft²
Max height 2.47m  /  8’1″
Other sizes available W4m x D2.5m to W5.5m x D4.5m
Treatment Optional extra, pressure treated
Guarantee 14 day no fuss returns policy
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Layout & Construction

The Billyoh Dorset is available in a range of sizes from 4metres wide to 5.5metres wide.  You can also select from a range of depths from 2.5m to 4.5metres.  This gives a maximum floorspace of 24.75metres.  

High Doorframe

A higher doorway at 6ft 2″ is a detail that is hard to find on most log cabins.  Banging your head on your way to the office each day would soon get tiresome…

Despite the high door frame, the overall height comes in under 2.5metres.  This is great news because it means you won’t have to apply for planning permission.  A potential headache that has been thoughtfully sidestepped on your behalf by the manufacturers.

The high quality overlapping tongue and groove walls come in a choice of two thicknesses; 28mm or 44mm. You can be assured of a long lasting durable building whichever option you choose.

Pre Select Roofing Options

If you want to personalise your log cabin there are a range of roofing options and colour schemes that you can pre-select.  These tend to add a touch of class and distinguish a larger, high specification log cabin from their more humble cousin, the summer house.

Cheaper Than An Extension

If you’ve priced up an extension and it seems too costly, a quality log cabin will come in at a fraction of the price. You’ll also avoid the rigmarole of drawing up plans and obtaining planning permission.

external and internal view

With a log cabin you will have more flexibility regarding where to place it. If you prefer to have a room at the end of the garden to catch the sun, or off to one side, then without much ado you can just decide that’s where it will be. Build a solid base and you’re ready.

Home Office Suitability

If your former home-office has been commandeered as a bedroom you’re not alone. An extra child, or changes in living arrangements mean we have to adapt accordingly. A garden office is a relatively fast and low cost way of gaining extra space.

You also gain a more peaceful work environment which won’t be subject to the noise and commotion which can be found in many homes; Improving the separation between your work and home life will allow you to switch off more easily at the end of a working day.

The Dorset has plenty of space for a desk or two, backed up with some storage space and shelves.  Depending on which size you select you could also have space to add a sofa and coffee table to serve as break area, or somewhere to receive clients.

If you’re searching for a room to use as a physiotherapy studio it would work fairly well for that, although you may want to consider an insulated log cabin, to ensure clients don’t get cold in the winter months.

Review Summary

The standard model of the Dorset log cabin is fairly priced starting at just under £2000 for the 4.0m x 2.5m version. It’s worth considering thicker walls and a shingle roof, both of which will increase the durability substantially. As mentioned, it’s one of the top selling cabins and it’s worth adding to your shortlist. Click here to visit the retailer.