BillyOh Kent Home Office Log Cabin

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The BillyOh Kent successfully integrates a reception area and a large office room into one garden office space. The elegant finish and welcoming double doors make this an excellent building from which to run a small business.

Summary Information – BillyOh Kent Home Office
Roof type Reverse apex
Roof material Optional extra, green mineral felt, grey or black shingles
Walls 44mm (Optional upgrade to 70mm)
Floor Optional extra, 11mm or 19mm tongue and groove
Windows 5 opening
Window panes Single glazed (Optional upgrade to double glazed)
Door Double door with 5 lever mortice lock
Width x depth 5.68m x 5.26m  /  18’8″ x 17’3″
Footprint 29.9m²  /  98 ft²
Max height 2.48m  /  8’1″
Treatment Pressure treated (optional extra)
Guarantee 14 day no fuss returns policy
Price Click here for current price

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BillyOh Kent Review

The Billy Oh Kent Home Office is designed to suit a range of outdoor functions, from home garden office to garden summer house.  It’s footprint maximises the available space yet remains under general planning permission guidelines in most cases.

A gentle stroll to the end of the garden is a commute that would be the envy of most people. As other people fight through the rush hour crowds, you can listen to birdsong and admire your handiwork before stepping into your office.


reception area
Reception area

The building is available in two generous sizes, a standard 5.0m x 4.0m and a larger 5.5m x 5.0m, with footprints of 20msq and 27.5msq respectively . 

The internal layout sees the area split into two spaces, with a reception area and a larger room which serves as the main office.

The reception are could be configured as a typical reception; shown here with a waiting couch, reception desk and filing cabinets.

An alternative would be to dedicate this area to breaks and have some comfortable chairs, magazines, an espresso coffee machine and a small fridge.

Layout – Main Office

To the right of the reception area is the main office area, a view from the corner of the main office area is shown below.

office space
Main office area

This picture shows the larger version of the “Kent” garden office, it comfortably fits 4 wide desks and chairs with room to spare.

Office Windows

The presence of five large windows allows an excellent level of natural light to enter and illuminate the space well. This also permits ventilation in the summer months if required.

Single glazed windows come as standard, with the option of reinforced double glazed windows at a reasonable additional cost. This is a sensible upgrade option which allows you to

  • minimise heat loss
  • minimise external noise
  • provide additional security when unoccupied

The windows come in a modern and georgian style, the less fussy modern style is the more typical choice for a home office but this comes down to personal tastes more than anything else.


Interlocking 44mm logs that use the secure double locking method ensure a sturdy feel.  70mm logs are an option; this is a pricier upgrade but one worth considering for the insulation qualities and durability of the office.

Floor and roof have the option of 11mm or 19mm tongue and groove design.  The thicker option is advisable if heavy equipment is going to be located in the building otherwise the 11mm would suffice.


The overall feel of the cabin is one that oozes style and quality.  The cabin can be assembled over a period of two days assuming two people with basic DIY knowledge.  Upon completion it should be treated with a quality wood preservative to improve durability and ensure a long lifetime.

Pressure Treated Finish

This home office comes with the option of a pressure treated finish. This technique forces preservatives into the wood and is considered the gold-standard for extending the lifetime of wooden buildings.

Review Summary

If you’re looking for a garden office with a dedicated waiting / reception area this has the required layout without any need for complicated modifications. With the solid log cabin style construction and thick walls you have a sound investment which will stand the test of time. Click here to visit the retailer