Billyoh Petra Summerhouse

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The Billyoh Petra Summerhouse has a high ceiling and large windows to maximise daylight.

It’s available in seven different sizes and is perfect as a sun-room or a garden games room. Choose from EPDM, felt or Shingle roof coverings.

Summary Information – Petra Reverse Apex Summerhouse
Roof type Reverse Apex
Roof material 11mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Optional extra, sand felt, green mineral felt, grey or black shingles
Walls 11mm tongue and groove sections
Floor Optional extra, 9mm OSB solid sheet, 10mm durellis sold sheet or 19mm tongue and groove
Windows 7 fixed
Window panes Single glazed 1.8mm styrene
Door Double door with fittings for padlock and internal bolt lock.
Width x depth 4.75m x 2.59m  /  15’7″ x 8’6″
Footprint 12.3m²  /  39’6″ ft²
Max height 2.29m  /  8’1″
Treatment Optional extra, pressure treated
Guarantee n/a
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Economical Summer House

The 16 x 8 version of the Billyoh Petra summer housecosts less than £1000, with the 16 x 10 coming in at just over £1000. For such a large summer house this is a bargain. Smaller configurations cost even less, the 8 x 8 version costs just under £600.

Apex Roof and High Ceiling

If you or your partner are tall then it’s advisable to buy a summerhouse with an apex roof, rather than a flat roof. The height of the apex in the Billyoh Petra is 2.47m, which should mean you can relax and not worry about hitting your head.

billyoh petra summerhouse black roof
Petra 16 x 8 summerhouse – showing front view and black shingle roof

The roof braces are positioned slightly lower than the apex to provide roof support but are still above 2 metres high. The door height is 1.64m, low-ish doors are a feature of nearly all garden buildings.

Tall Shatter Resistant Windows

The 16 x 8 version of the Petra has six tall windows along the front, with a double door which will allow you to cool down in the summer months. A double door is useful for carrying in furniture or if you’ll be using the building to store lawnmowers or other large objects.

billyoh petra summerhouse inside view

The “reverse apex” orientation of the roof means a wide front which allows a great deal of light to enter. This makes it a popular choice for a wide range of uses, from a relaxing second lounge, to garden workshop, to games room.

The windows are 1.8mm thick styrene, a cheaper material which helps keep costs down. Despite it’s low cost it has better insulating properties than glass.

It’s also a shatter proof material, so when a stray football hits the centre pane you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

Games Room Potential?

If you’re looking to buy a games room in which to place a pool table, you should favour the styrene windows of the Petra. One over-enthusiastic miscue could spell disaster in a glass summerhouse, but the shatter resistant windows of the Petra mean you won’t be picking up shards of glass, a key consideration if this is the plan for your summerhouse.

billyoh petra 16 x 8 summerhouse top down view
Petra summerhouse – Top down view

The best choice for a pool or snooker room is the larger 16 x 10 summerhouse, since it will allow for more cue clearance on each side. A professional pool table measures 8ft by 4ft and you could place it centrally to allow 3 foot clearance.

If that’s still not enough clearance, you could consider the Evolution Garden Office. This is available in a 16 ft x 12 ft size, although it costs significantly more than the Petra.

Building Use and Floor Reinforcements

Depending on the what you’ll be using the building for, you may want to consider a thicker floor. A 19mm tongue and groove floor is a good upgrade choice available when ordering. You can also choose from a variety of other customisation options, including shelving for one, two or three sides and lots of different roofing options.

Roof Coverings: Felt, EPDM, Shingles

You will need to consider how to protect your roof, especially if you live in a rainier region of the UK such as Manchester or Cardiff.

There are five roofing options available, which in order of cheapest to most expensive are:

  • Sand felt
  • Green mineral felt
  • EPDM rubber roof
  • Grey roll on shingles
  • Black shingles and eaves capping
black red green grey shingles

Shingles are a great option and have the advantage of being very visually appealing. A shingle roof is considered the gold standard and will add a touch of class to your building.

An EPDM rubber roof is another popular option, it’s environmentally friendly and should last fifty years, at the end of it’s useful life it can be fully recycled.

Additional Heavy Duty Roof Option

If you need a reinforced roof select the “heavy duty” option which includes additional roof trusses to strengthen the interlocking 11mm tongue and groove boards.

heavy duty tongue and groove roof with extra trusses

Sections For Ease of Assembly

The strong tongue and groove design is delivered in sections which make assembly less daunting. Comprehensive assembly instructions are also included. If you have DIY experience and a willing helper you should be able to manage the build. If you can rope in some more friends you may be able to take on the role of “project manager” and issue instructions whilst “overseeing” with a cup of tea in your hand.

All of the sections and panels are provided in a size which can fit through standard doors. If access to your back garden is difficult this shouldn’t be a problem; the sections can just be carried through your house.

Garden Building Best Seller

The Petra is an affordable option which can be used for a variety of uses and comes in multiple different sizes to suit any garden. This explains why its one of the best sellers from “garden buildings direct”.

It’s manufactured by the British company BillyOh, renowned for their build quality and able to deliver promptly across the UK. Click here to visit the retailer.