BillyOh Sun Room Summerhouse

BillyOh Sun Room Summerhouse

Sun Room Overview

The BillyOh Sun Room Summer house is designed to capture the sun and provide plenty of light throughout the year. This lets you enjoy your garden whatever the season. The four double windows and lockable glazed doors maximise the light that enters this aptly named “Sun Room”.

Layout & Construction

The Sun Room is available in two different sizes; 8′ x 8′ and 8′ x 10′. The different sizes mean you can choose the size thats perfect for your garden. A sloping roof allows rain to run off allowing you to enjoy the sun room during rainy months without worrying about leaks and damp problems.

The building comes with tongue and groove cladding and tongue and groove roof and floor.  This superior build quality is typical of the high standards we expect from “Billy Oh” summer houses.

Straightforward Assembly

Full assembly instructions are included, as are all of the necessary fixtures and fittings including felt roof, glazing, doors and all of the various panels required to construct the perfect addition to your garden.

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