Shed Sales and Hidden Summer House Discounts

sales and hidden discounts

This page is kept upto date with sales offers, discounts and vouchers from the best shed and summer house retailers. Time Limited Offers & Shed Sales No current offers. See ongoing discounts below Ongoing Discount Pages (Hidden pages) This is a list of discount pages … Read more

Belated New Year Wishes

I hope you’ve had a good start to 2022, hopefully all the problems of the last two years are behind us in the UK. I’ve realised that turning off the news is a good way to remove some noise from my life, there’ll always be … Read more

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

If you’re looking for christmas gift ideas for someone that enjoys spending time gardening this list will come in handy. I’ve split it into three sections depending on your budget. Christmas Gifts for Gardeners – Under £20 This is an affordable price point which can … Read more

Shed Of The Year Voting Open

shed of the year entrant

A couple of shed related stories have caught my eye over the last few days. Mark Drakeford, Welsh first minister has been self isolating in his garden “hut” (link to Express article) to protect other members of his family. I imagine it’s more of a … Read more

Top 10 Gardening Blogs (in the UK)

This is a list of some of the Top uk based gardening blogs. It’s a work in progress; if you want to be in the list drop me a line [@]

Mid June, Busy as a Bee


It’s June and lockdown is beginning to ease off a little across the country. I was browsing Zoopla, as you do, and accidentally clicked on the commercial property bit, looks like lots of places are vacating. I suppose it’s not surprising, but the reality will … Read more

Spanish Vocabulary – Gardening

alhambra garden

During the last month or two I’ve had some spare time and I decided to put together some useful Spanish vocabulary for the Gardeners amongst us. This sheet should print fairly well, feel free to use, share and link to this page as necessary. Vocabulary … Read more

Corona Virus, Time for Garden Projects

Diary 12th May 2020 So, the corona virus has been keeping us all locked up at home. Apparently the Modelo factory in Mexico which produces corona beer has been closed down, not surprising I suppose. It helps prevent a glut of beer, imagine a negative … Read more

Garden Beach Hut Design Ideas and Buyers Guide


Beach Hut Overview A beach hut is the perfect place to relax and adds a dash of that great holiday feeling to any garden or outdoor space.    This guide has thirty three different photos which should provide plenty of inspiration to help you customise … Read more