Cheap Corner Summer House – Picton

picton cheap corner summer house main

This inexpensive corner summer house is perfect for catching the sun in a corner of your garden. Large windows and double doors mean you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather

Corner Summer House Design

This summer house measures 7ft x 7ft, which is small enough to slot into the corner of a smaller garden without being overly imposing.


The tall windows and double doors are a key feature which allow you to survey your garden whilst enjoying your afternoon cup of tea or coffee.

A high ceiling of 2.09m means that height shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

Strong Tongue and Groove Build Quality

The “Picton” is an inexpensive summer house without comprising on build quality. The manufacturers have a proud tradition, they’re based in Nottinghamshire and deliver across the UK, from Exeter to Edinburgh and beyond.

Another fantastic feature of this building is that it arrives with a pre-assembled floor and roof. This saves you the headache of assembling the trickiest parts from scratch, whilst still leaving scope for a rewarding project with a willing friend or family member.

Being able to say “I built this” as you enjoy sitting in your summer house is a feeling that’s hard to beat.


When ordering this summer house you have the option of pressure treated wood, this is a process which improves the lifespan and means you won’t have to treat the wood each year.

summer house eaves showing slanting roof
Left: Standard treatment. Right: Pressure treatment

From the photo above you may also notice the subtle slant of the roof, this is vital to ensure that rainwater doesn’t stand on the roof and helps ensure a long life for your building. I guarantee if you have any friends with flat-roofed buildings you’ve heard first hand of the issues it can cause.

If you’re looking for a roof with a subtle peak, you should also consider the Shire Hampton corner summerhouse.

Relax in Comfort

Nothing beats retreating to a welcoming room in your garden if you need some peace and quiet. Watching the sun slowly set from the shelter of your summer house is a therapeutic experience.


The 7ft x 7ft internal space is spacious enough to relax in comfort. A corner sofa is one option which can help make your summer house feel like a second living room.

A well placed side table and some simple decoration will go a long way to enhancing your outdoor space.

A quick visit to IKEA or your local DIY shop can be a low cost way of getting things ship-shape on the inside. Rest assured, all of the standard fixtures and fittings are included, along with comprehensive build instructions.

There’s also an upgrade option to include shelves on one or both walls at a reasonable price. If you have more things to store you might want to consider this corner summer house with storage.

Economical Summer House

It’s not easy to find a cheap corner summer house with reliable build quality but the Picton comes in at less than £800, even when additional options are included.


I’m reluctant to use the word cheap because that can imply a lack of quality which is definitely not the case with the “Picton”.

The Solid tongue and groove design will give you a long-lasting outdoor building.

You can also select from a range of high quality roof coverings and pressure treated wood to further heighten the durability.

Final Verdict

The expert team that designed the “Picton” have constructed a popular corner summer house which represents great value for money. At this low-cost price point you’ll have a very hard time finding a better constructed building.

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