Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

If you’re looking for christmas gift ideas for someone that enjoys spending time gardening this list will come in handy. I’ve split it into three sections depending on your budget.

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners – Under £20

This is an affordable price point which can get you some really practical gifts your favourite gardener.

Ohuhu lawn aerator shoes.

A convenient sandle style strap made from velcro differentiates this lawn aerator from lesser products. With thirteen spikes on each shoe these are a great way to improve lawn health and improve drainage. Also includes a miniature stainless steel shovel for cleaning the sole. Available in black or green.

Foldable Garden Kneeler with tool bag.
Great for easing the pressure on tired knees and preventing leg and back pain. The fabric pouch is helpful for keeping tools close at hand. The cushioning on either side allows the kneeler to be flipped over and used as a seat. And when not in use it can be easily folded so it doesn’t occupy much storage space. A very thoughtful christmas gift.

Classic thermos flask

There’s nothing like a hot cuppa after working on the allotment for a few hours. This well designed flask holds 1.2 litres which is enough for a few refills even when sharing. Weighs under 2 kilos when full and just over half a kilo when empty. Available in Midnight Blue, Red, Black, Silver, Duck Egg. A gift which will no doubt be well used in the colder months following Christmas. Features the timeless “twist and pour” design.

Bee Mug and Coaster gift set.

Made from fine china and decorated with a charming watercolour bee perched on lavender. This would make a splendid christmas gift for any budding bee keeper or nature lovers.

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners – Under £100

If your budget permits you to step into this higher price bracket, you’ll be surprised at some of the great christmas presents available for less than £100. There’s a vast selection of things you could buy, so I’ve tried to whittle them down to those which would most appeal to gardeners. Hopefully this list helps you out with a few ideas; even if it’s just a jumping off point.

Vida XL potting bench.

Standing at 92cm high with two shelves and a zinc lined tabletop, this is a great example of a highly functional potting table. The solid Acacia wood has been stained for longevity and is backed up by a 2 year warranty.

Steel Lattice Firepit

A great gift for gardeners who moonlight as closet-pyromaniacs. The warmth provided by this firepit will allow the receiver to enjoy their garden or patio into the evening. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a big heavy box on christmas day!

The Homfa garden trolley is a great way to haul tools and potted plants around the garden.

The two front wheels rotate 360 giving good manoueverability. Constucted with a collapsible iron frame and a durable fabric for ease of storage.

Ornate Metal Garden Shelf

This stylish shelf is a great way to show off potted plants, perhaps on the patio, or to add some visual interest to another part of the garden.

Hedgehog house and Hibernation Shelter

This makes the perfect gift for people who want to bring nature into their garden. It’s predator proof and even comes with a felt roof, it’s a mini log cabin for hedgehogs.

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners – Over £100

In this section we step into the realms of the generous gift giver, maybe it’s a gift for a special person in your life, or a big gift to make up for years of mediocre gifts. This section includes some of the best christmas gifts for gardeners you’ll find. Without further ado i’ll get started.

Flymo Easilife 500

This snazzy robot mower keeps any lawn looking perfectly manicured. It slowly trundles along with a quiet hum, so theres no more deafening sunday morning mowing. It includes safety sensors and comes with a charging station. On one charge it can mow upto 500m².

Netatmo Wireless Weather Station

A stylish weather sensor that hooks up to your phone or ipad. Place one sensor inside and one in the garden, it’s also handy for checking temperatures in the greenhouse or log cabin office. I’ve used a similar device for years and it’s always interesting to check the temperature and forecast. This device also includes historical data and seven day forecasts.

Woven Hanging Seat

These are great for hanging from the beams of a summerhouse or under a sturdy tree. They make a great gift for gardeners and anyone who enjoys spending time in their garden. Expertly woven to support individuals weighing upto 200kg

Potting Shed – See our comparison article

A potting shed has year round versatility, but is principally the gardeners equivalent of an art studio. Seeds are planted and ideas gradually become reality, ultimately resulting in a visual masterpiece, courtesy of mother nature, with a helping hand from a willing gardener. Prices range from £500 to £1500.

Keter Storage Container

Extra outdoor storage is always useful, particularly for keeping expensive gardening equipment in good shape. This lockable low profile container is constructed from durable weatherproof plastic. Any electrical gardening equipment or metal tools will be kept in pristine condition.