Corner Summer House with Storage – Penton


This affordable summer house fits snugly into the corner of your garden. It has ample space for seating or whatever your chosen use. It also incorporates a generous storage area for bikes or garden equipment.

The Main Sun-Room

The main summer house area measures 7ft x 7ft and includes a double door and four large windows which allow you to appreciate the full aspect of your garden whilst seated within.

Incorporated Storage Area

To the side of the summer house is a storage area. This area measures 4ft x 7ft and is typically used to store family bikes or a range of garden equipment including your lawnmower, rake, spades, soil, plant-pots etc.

Obviously, you can choose to do as you want with this area, its big enough to cater for a variety of potential uses.

view of storage space
Enough space for four or five bikes

The storage area can be on either the left or right side, depending on which best suits your garden layout. At the time of ordering simply select the appropriate option. See the diagram below.

left or right corner configurations with plan view

Dual Use Building

A limited amount of space is quite often a restriction which can be overcome with a multi-use building such as this. At the time of writing there are very few corner summer houses with storage available.

The storage section would be considered a shed if it was standalone, but the fact that it’s incorporated within the main building means you can avoid buying another building, thereby ensuring you don’t clutter your garden.

Overhead view showing layout and sizes

If storage is not an important consideration you may want to consider this cheap corner summer house as a low cost alternative with a smaller footprint.

Construction Details

In addition to being a dual use building, the Penton summer house comes with several features which make it stand out from the crowd.

The tongue and groove floor comes pre-assembled, as does the roof, this takes a big chunk of the work out of the construction.

As you have probably noticed from the pictures the windows are very tall which allows a great deal of light to enter so you can soak up all of the British sunshine.


If you’re lucky enough to have a corner which captures the sunlight, then this summer house will allow you to enjoy sunny days throughout the year. As the temperature drops, instead of grabbing a cardigan or retreating to your house, you can just close the large double doors and take advantage of the trapped heat.

Optional Extras

Optional extras include a felt roof covering or an EPDM roof covering which gives a harder wearing finish with increased water resistance.

A pressure treatment is also available which means you can forego the annual wood treatment and minimise any ongoing maintenance.

Closing Summary

If you have a well-suited corner, this summer house could slot in perfectly. It’s an affordable option which allows you to enjoy your garden in all seasons.

The dual use element is an added bonus which could solve storage problems you might be having… that pile of pots by the back door, or the rusting garden implements can be hidden away and kept in good condition. If you’ve thought about keeping a spare bike or scooter around for when family visit you have the perfect place to conveniently store it with this combined summer house and storage building.

This has been a best seller for several years with good reason…

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