Corona Virus, Time for Garden Projects

Diary 12th May 2020

So, the corona virus has been keeping us all locked up at home. Apparently the Modelo factory in Mexico which produces corona beer has been closed down, not surprising I suppose. It helps prevent a glut of beer, imagine a negative beer price, it happened in the oil markets… If someone at Tesco is reading and wants to pay me to take some beer off their hands get in touch.

Time to break out the barbecue

For mere mortals who aren’t saving lives in the health service, this lockdown means alot of quiet time. This could be a great opportunity to get stuck into some household projects you haven’t had enough time to get to. Or you could just kick back in the garden and enjoy a few beers and a barbecue. With summer just about in full swing it’s definitely time for some burnt burgers and sausages.

If your old bbq is on its last legs now might be the time to upgrade. I’ve put together a list of the best weber barbecues. There is a great looking smoker i’ve got my eye on.

I have quite a high opinion of my home made burgers, they’re about 120grams of beef in each burger… One bbq session is probably enough red meat for the year, but I fully intend to have burgers at least twice a month during summer. The nipper loves my burgers, which is where his love for my cooking begins and ends.

Catching up on the Narco’s Mexico series

I’ve been taking some of my evenings to catch up on some TV, the Narcos Mexico series is a few years old now, but i’ve been waiting for the opportunity to watch it on Netflix. It’s pretty heavy on the subtitles but i’m enjoying it. I’m also managing to restrain myself and not binge watch the whole series in the space of two days.

Home working is the new normal

Lots of people have been furloughed, which is great if you’re one of the lucky ones. Not everyone has been lucky enough for whatever reason. I’m earning about 20% of my pre-covid wage, which is not great, but it’s better than nothing so I won’t gripe (much).

I suppose that working from home is now even more firmly on the agenda. If you don’t have a spare room, you’ve no doubt realised that the kitchen table just doesn’t cut the mustard. Have you thought about a garden office?

Depending on your cash situation you might be putting that off until the lockdown eases and you’re back to earning a full wage, but here are some of my favourite options to mull over just in case you’re ready to take the plunge. If you’re in a cooler part of the country check out this insulated garden office from evolution. If you need a his and hers office, take a look at this multi room garden office. If you want to go even more stylish, the palmako annika is a good contemporary garden office.

If your garden is definitely just for relaxation and you need somewhere to kick back and appreciate the view take a look at this 7 x 7 corner summerhouse from Adley. It’s pretty cheap to be fair and can slot into most gardens.

Right that’s all from me, keep safe, hope the lockdown is treating you well.