Double Wheelie Bin Store

  Best of the Best Great Value Worth Considering Compare 4 Compare 5
  Pine Double Wheelie Bin Store Plastic Double Wheelie Bin Store Rowlinson Apex Double Wheelie Bin Store Rowlinson Double Wheelie Bin Storage Duramax Garbage Bin Store
Garden Furniture double wheelie bin storeGardenFurnitureCentre
hartwood double wheelie bin
rowlinson apex double wheelie bin
rowlinson double wheelie bin storageShedStore
duramax garbage bin storeAmazon
Roof Sloping Sloping Apex Curved half lap wood, 15mm Sloping front to back
  Lid type
Lid type Two Independent lids One large lid Two Independent lids Two Independent lids One large lid
  Lid support
Lid support Wooden stay Assisted lifing gas piston Wooden stay Wooden stay Assisted lifing gas piston
  Lid chain included
Lid chain included  
Walls Open slatted pine Plastic Shiplap pine cladding, 12mm Open slatted wood, 8mm Galvanised steel
  Rear wall included
Rear wall included  
  Floor included
Floor included        
  Max bin size (W x D x H)
Max bin size (W x D x H) 68cm x 77cm x 111cm ? 64cm x 74.5cm x 109.5cm TBCc x TBC x 120cm (height) 63.5cm x x 121cm
  Overall size (width x depth)
Overall size (width x depth) 150cm x 85cm / 4’3″ x 2’9″ 145cm x 82cm / 4’9″ x 2’8″ 154cm x 81cm / 5’1″ x 2’8″ 156cm x 82cm / 5’2″ x 2’8″ 154.2cm x 96cm / 5’1″ x 3’2″
  Overall height
Overall height 129cm / 4’3″ 124.5cm / 4’1″ 130cm / 3’5″ 128cm / 4’2″ 130.5cm / 3’5″
Lock Rotating door catch Latch for lid and doors to affix padlock Door bolt Door bolt Mortice lock with key
Treatment ? UV resistant Pressure treated Pressure treated Galvanised steel
Guarantee 14 day return policy ? 15 year anti-rot 15 year anti-rot 10 year warranty
Summary Available in natural pine or grey finish. Separate internal store gives versatility. Chain to auto open lids. Solid materials. Excellent customer feedback. Weather-proof and UV resistant polypropylene. Gas struts allow easier opening. Doorway ramp makes pushing wheelie bins inside easier. A popular choice with an attractive design which will hide unsightly bins ad make your outdoor area more attractive.  Pressure treated so doesn’t require yearly painting or preservative treatment. Another popular choice from Rowlinson, not as sturdy as the slightly more costly Apex. Also pressure treated. Lockable doors to secure your bins. Fully sealed with slatted vents on sides. Galvanised steel which is rust resistant, impervious to wood eating insects and rot. 

Buying Guide

A bin store has a relatively straightforward but demanding job, however there are many inferior products on the market which will begin to let you down after a year or so. You can buy a really cheap double wheelie bin store, but be aware that the materials and construction will be second rate

Its worthwhile buying something which has a solidly built structure and hinges which will stand up to years of being opened and closed several times a week, otherwise, you’ll be back looking again next year.

You are probably looking for a bin store to deal with one of the issues listed below:

  • Unsightly appearance of your bins
  • Unwanted wildlife scavengers
  • Gusty winds blowing bins over
  • Passers by and fly-tippers using your bins as a public bin
  • Bins being stolen

If you’ve been looking for a suitable bin store but are unconvinced by some of the flimsy offerings and unflattering reviews we hope this comparison guide can be helpful.

Unsightly bins are the main reason people buy a double wheelie bin store

Recommended Double Wheelie Bin Store

My recommendation is the double wheelie bin store from Garden Furniture Ltd, they’re not widely known, but this is an attractive bin store available in a natural pine finish or grey wash. It’s well manufactured and feels sturdy when screwed together.

Each lid includes a chain which can be attached to the bin lids so they open when you lift the bin store lid. There is also a wooden lid support which automatically flips into place when you lift the lid, this allows you both hands free to lift any rubbish into your bin.

The doors are held shut with a simple rotating catch, this is enough to prevent any scavenging animals from gaining access. If you need a padlock or similar you could attach a simple clasp, or maybe opt for the Duramax which includes a lock, or the hartwood plastic bin store which comes with an attachment for a padlock.

The bin store is split into two separate compartments, so you could in theory use one side as a log store and one side as a bin store.

Wood, Plastic or Wooden Bin Store

Three of the bin stores we compare are constructed from wood. For most people this is a popular choice due to the natural look and feel. Of the three wooden options only the Rowlinson Apex double bin store has fully enclosed sides, the other two are made with slatted wood with gaps, which looks quite attractive but may or may not be to your taste.

If you live in an area prone to wood eating insects a metal or plastic wheelie bin store might be preferable. These insect nuisances are more common in the south east of the UK and are more inclined to attack hardwoods; the bin stores above are constructed from softwoods so should be safe.

The other benefit of a plastic or metal bin store is they are unaffected by rot, which can affect wooden bin stores if they aren’t pressure treated or coated with wood preservative.

Two Independent Lids or Large Lid

The wooden bin stores tend to come with independent lids, whilst metal and plastic bin stores come with one large lid. Where a bin store has a larger lid it’s helpful to have a gas piston to make lifting easier, both of the large lid options above include this feature. This is particularly helpful if you’re older or not as strong as you once were.

Typical Wheelie Bin Measurements

A 240 litre wheelie bin is the typical large size provided to most households across the UK. The sizes are fairly standard but it might be worth measuring yours if you’re not certain it’s a 240 litre.

Typical wheelie bin dimensions:

  • Typical width: 58cm wide
  • Typical depth: 74cm deep
  • Typical height: 107cm tall

A bin with these dimensions would fit into each of the bin stores we’ve compared although the plastic bin store would dieally have a slightly wider doorway and the apex would preferably be a little deeper.

Final Review Thoughts

Of the five bin stores we’ve shortlisted the first three would be reliable choices, they are all priced between £150 and £250. If this is out of your budget or the unsightly appearance is your main concern you could consider a simple wheelie bin screen. This will hide them from view and is a cheaper option.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be relieved to have your bins secured and out of sight. Click here for the top pick