Farmers Cottage Deluxe Summerhouse Sphere

farmers cottage deluxe summer house sphere featured

The Deluxe Summerhouse Sphere or “The Deluxe” as it’s also known is a stunning garden room which will wow any visitors. It makes a great place for afternoon tea, evening drinks or to just relax in your garden.

It’s futuristic design incorporates a plush interior with mood lighting and even a heater. Tough polycarbonate windows and a slide up door mean you can enjoy the comfortable sofas and panoramic views all year.

Summary Information – Farmers Cottage Deluxe Summer House Sphere
Roof type Spherical
Roof material Polished stainless steel
Roof covering Polished stainless steel
Walls Laminated spruce timber arcs
Floor Stainless steel
Windows 2 opening
Window panes UV protected, bronze tinted polycarbonate
Door Sliding door
Width x depth 3.0m x 2.96m  /  9’10″ x 9’9″
Max height 2.6m  /  8’6″
Base diameter 2.0m / 6’7″
Seating Upto 1o people
Treatment Pressure treated arcs, stainless steel upgrade available
Guarantee 10 year guarantee
Price £18,999

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Talking Point

If you’re looking for a talking point for your garden then consider your search complete, nothing compares to this stunning garden room. The Deluxe Summerhouse is aptly named, with a host of creature comforts which will make it using it a pleasure for years to come.

Farmers cottage deluxe summerhouse sphere on patio with door closed
Farmers Cottage Deluxe summerhouse on patio with door closed

Seating for Ten Guests

Two built in sofas provide comfortable seating for upto ten people. As you enter the pod there is a sofa on either side, organised around a central table. The interior is designed to be easy to clean, incorporating stain and mould resistant materials.

The sofas are separated at one end by a cabinet which can be used to store useful items. Exactly what depends on your intended use for the garden room; but a corkscrew and some champagne flutes immediately springs to mind as a worthwhile suggestion.

deluxe summerhouse sofa and mood lighting

Colour changing mood lighting and downlights are also included as part of the interior. These are all pre-wired to work with a 240v power supply.

Heating and Electric Point

As mentioned above, the deluxe summerhouse includes an integrated electric heater which can keep you cosy during the colder months. These deluxe garden pods have been installed at sites across Europe including Scotland and Scandinavia, so rest assured that they can survive harsh winters unscathed.

Dimensions and Framework

Below is a diagram which indicates the sizing of the deluxe summerhouse sphere. The width of the pod is 2.96m, which provides enough space for 10 people to sit. Seating capacity is the main difference between the different rotating pod models available at ‘Ornate Garden‘. The largest accommodates 12 people, whilst the smallest can sit 7 people.

farmers cottage deluxe summerhouse sphere dimensions

Sixteen laminated spruce timber arcs provide the eye-catching framework for the garden pod. The timber is sourced from sustainable forests and is pressure treated to provide resistance to harsh weather and ensure a long life.

The stainless steel elements of the pod are highly polished to give a mirror-like surface. This results in the pod reflecting the sky and it’s surroundings, becoming almost at one with its environment.

Window Design and Solar Protection

A subtle bronze tint on the windows prevents you from being dazzled in the midday sun. The presence of the reflective stainless steel roof elements also prevents sun entering directly from above when at it’s most intense. These two design features prevent the summerhouse overheating during the summer.

Polycarbonate can be prone to discolouration with prolonged exposure to ultra violet rays. The windows of the Farmers Cottage deluxe summerhouse sphere use a polycarbonate that has been specially created to resist UV exposure. So you can expect a long life without deterioration; polycarbonate is a type of plastic used in riot shields and fighter jet cockpits, so it should resist most impacts it might receive, even if the garden party gets out of hand.

Several high class wedding reception venues across the UK have these deluxe pods as a garden feature.

Rotating Pods at “Loch Leven Larder”

For several years the rotating pods have been a feature of “Loch Leven Larder“, a combination of farm shop / delicatessen / funky cafe and a gem of a restaurant which overlooks Loch Leven, near Stirling. The pods allow visitors to the restaurant and cafe to appreciate panoramic views of the loch and countryside whilst sipping their lattes or enjoying their food and drinks from the restaurant.

loch leven deluxe rotating pod
The view toward Loch Leven

Inclement weather is a feature of Scotland so these compact dining rooms make al-fresco dining a more pleasant affair. If the wind gets a little strong, they can be gently rotated on their base to ensure the comfort of the diners within.

Rotation & Temperature Control

Rotating the summerhouse is a fun and surprisingly easy way to control the temperature of the deluxe summerhouse. If it’s too hot you can rotate the summerhouse so that the door allows a breeze to enter. You could alternatively open one of the two windows, but that’s much less impressive.

The novelty of rotating the entire building on it’s base is hard to resist, especially when you have guests to show off to…

Upgrade Packages

An enhanced stainless steel upgrade is available and definitely worth selecting if you live in a coastal area. To prevent corrosion from the salty air, some of the key stainless steel parts are replaced with a higher grade stainless steel which is significantly more corrosion resistant.

Base Installation Requirements

  • Install on a level paved, concreted or decked area
  • Hard standing base diameter should be a minimum of 200cm
  • An overall base depth of 30cm is recommended
  • Overall area of 340cm diameter required to accommodate the structure


Space age style doesn’t come cheap, with the Deluxe summerhouse sphere costing the best part of £20,000. However, this is a one of a kind building which redefines “wow factor”.

The deluxe pods have received accolades at several high profile garden shows and are constructed of durable materials with a luxury finish. If you want to make a statement in your garden, this is a fine way to do so.