Hot Tub Gazebo

  Best of the Best Great Value Cheapest Compare 4 Compare 5
  Forest Garden Wooden Gazebo Hot Tub Gazebo with Trellis 2m Wooden Hot Tub Gazebo Hot Tub Gazebo with Sides Palmako Betty Gazebo
Forest Garden GazeboShedstore
Checo hot tub gazebo with trellisAmazon
hot tub gazebo 2m x 2mManoMano
hot tub gazebo with sidesManoMano
palmako betty gazeboShedstore
  Roof material
Roof material 28mm tongue & groove, pine 18mm spruce cladding 15mm shiplap boards, spruce timber 19mm roof with perspex dome 19mm tongue & groove, nordic spruce
  Roof covering
Roof covering Waterproof tricoya lining and optional shingles Red or green shingles (optional extra) Black shingles Felted roof Black shingles (optional extra)
Walls Half height wooden rails Trellis corners and arch Open sides Half louvre, closeable slats Half height walls
Floor Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included
  Uprights size
Uprights size 150mm x 150mm 90mm x 90mm 70mm x 70mm 70mm x 70mm 120mm x 120mm
  Dimensions – Internal
Dimensions – Internal 3.5m x 3.5m 2.90m x 2.90m 1.86. x 1.86m 2.16m x 2.16m 3.0m x 3.0m
  Dimensions – Overhang
Dimensions – Overhang 3.67m x 3.67m 3.46m x 3.46m 2.07m x 2.07m 2.44m x 2.44m 3.86m x 3.86m
  Eaves / Overall height
Eaves / Overall height 1.95m / 3.17m 1.93m / 2.80m 1.85m / 2.40m 1.94m / 2.45m 2.23m / 3.23m
Treatment Pressure treated Pressure treated Pressure treated Pressure treated Untreated
Guarantee 15 year anti-rot guarantee 14 day returns policy 10 years 10 years 5 years
Summary Extra large gazebo with sturdy wooden construction. Includes fenced half walls and powder-coated corner braces to resist rust. Installation included in price. Attractive trellised corners and arches set this apart from other gazebos and give a bit of privacy to your hot tub setup. We recommend you buy the optional roof shingles to ensure longevity. Roof shingles included. Good option for 2m hot tubs. Open sided with 10 year guarantee. This is the best hot tub gazebo for those wanting privacy. Covered sides with adjustable slats which can be opened and closed. Easy to build panel system. Roof includes perspex dome for illumination. Zinc plated steel foot pads. A generously sized gazebo with half walls on 3 sides. One of the sturdiest on offfer, although lack of pressure treatment means wood preservative treatment is required once per year.

Buying Guide

Before buying a hot tub gazebo there are a few initial points you should consider:

  • What are the dimensions of your hot tub?
  • How much privacy does your gazebo need to provide?
  • What kind of finish will your gazebo have?
  • Do you want it installed for you, or are you looking for a hot tub gazebo kit?
  • Where will you and your visitors get changed?
  • How close to taps and drains will you need to place your hot tub and gazebo?

Confirm The Dimensions of your Hot Tub

There are hot tub gazebos to fit most hot tubs, from circular to square, 4 person to 6 person. The five gazebos in this comparison guide have an internal size – the space between the uprights – from 1.86m upto 3.5m. It’s a failrly simple matter of checking your hot tub measurements to ensure the gazebo is big enough.

Most LayZ boy inflatable hot tubs have a diameter of 1.96m so will fit 4 of the 5 gazebos covered in this guide.

All of the gazebos considered also have an overhang, this will help keep you protected from the rain and provide a modicum of privacy from overlooking neighbours.

Most large hot tubs don’t exceed 3m in length so the larger hot tub gazebos should be sufficient

Is Extra Privacy Required – Walls / Slatted Walls

If privacy is one of your concerns then a gazebo with sides is ideal, more of a hot tub enclosure so to speak. One of the options above has slats that can be slanted as required, so if you want a cooling breeze you can angle them near to horizontal.

Slatted walls give privacy whilst allowing airflow

If more privacy is required it’s a simple matter to swivel them to the vertical positino.

The ceiling includes a perspex dome which admits light to enter during daytime use.

This is probably the closest you’ll get to a hot tub gazebo with a clear roof, without embarking on a sizeable DIY project.

A gazebo with curtains is another option, although in windy conditions these are likely to billow and become annoying. If choosing this option be sure to select curtain material which is durable enough to be outside whatever the weather.

Buying a trellis or other garden friendly barrier is also a cost effective solution. If you’re feeling adventurous you could install an archway flanked by some conifers and in a few years you’ll have a secluded spa setting.

If you’re keen on one of the other gazebos, another approach to ensure privacy would be to buy some potted conifers or plant some trees in an appropriate location; thereby providing a visual barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best gazebo for hot tub?

A: The Forest Garden gazebo and the Checo trellised gazebo should make your shortlist. A sturdy wooden gazebo of this style is a great way to add some protection from the elements and privacy.

Q: How far should a hot tub be from the house?

A: At least 1 metre, make sure you place the hot tub away from any cables or potential hazards. Also ensure you can access any panels or maintenance points.

Q: Should a hot tub be in the sun or the shade

A: If you have strong sunshine where you live then the combination of hot water and sunshine would be uncomfortable for use in the daytime. Inflatable hot tubs can have their lifespans affected by extremes of temperature, so minimising exposure to direct overhead sunlight and also wintry conditions is a sensible precaution.

Pressure treated or Painted

Pressure treated wood is a sensible choice for a gazebo which is liable to get continually splashed in addition to the occasional British downpour. If you have a colour scheme in mind then a water proof paint or wood staining preservative is a good idea.

Galvanised feet on the uprights of your gazebo are a good idea to provide a sturdy, rust free anchor to the whole structure.

Wooden Gazebo versus Pop Up Gazebo

A hot tub comes into it’s own during the winter months so if you’ve bought a more temporary pop up gazebo you’re left with three scenarios:

  • Leave it up all winter and expose it to the British weather and winds – too risky
  • Put it up and take it down each time you want to use your hot tub – too much effort
  • Store the gazebo in the garage all winter – the most likely outcome

I’m not discounting the pop up options they’re worth considering and some can be pretty sturdy. Just think about whether you’d want to move it once erected and to make sure it’s well anchored at all times.

Hot Tub Changing Room

One of the great pleasures of having a hot tub is gloating about how great it is to your friends; ideally whilst smugly sipping champagne from the other side of the tub, whilst they adjust the waist on the garish hawaiian-themed swimming trunks you’ve loaned them for the evening.

ebay should help you discover some suitably garish trunks

If you’re having guests over you’ll need to consider a changing area, this could just be the indoors bathroom, or maybe a log cabin at the bottom of your garden. You might even want to get a log cabin gazebo and kill two birds with one stone.

Wide covered gazebo area for hot tub on left, changing room on right

Where Will It Be Located

Take a moment to consider how you will fill your hot tub and also how you will drain it. Proximity to a garden tap or a kitchen window is necessary unless you have dedicated plumbing. When draining the hot tub it’s worth noting that the chemicals used to keep the water clean can kill or discolour grass if they’re too concentrated. So although dumping onto your lawn isn’t ruled out you would be well advised to check the concentration of cholorine and bromine before draining.

A typical hot tub will contain at least 800 litres of water, so that’s 800kg in addition to the structure and any people in the tub. So it can weigh a ton, literally… This might be the time to reconsider any dreams of placing on a balcony or elevated platform, unless you have some serious reinforcements in mind or are planning a viral video titled “epic hot tub fail”. Placing on a sturdy base on solid ground is a much more straightforward proposition.

Evening Use Of Your Gazebo

If you’re using your hot tub in the evening, some mood lighting is probably in order. Done correctly this can give an impressive visual effect. Net lights are a simple option, spend less then 25 quid (net lights on amazon) and 30 minutes effort and your garden will look like it’s been borrowed from a boutique hotel.

It’s also worth considering the distance from your house, if there’s no ambient lighting it’s sensible to install some lights to help navigate the route down your garden. This is particularly important if you have guests who won’t be familiar with the layout of your garden.

Good Option for LayZ Spa Hot Tubs

LayZ Spa make some of the most popular inflatable hot tubs on the market. The LayZ Spa Paris and Las Vegas are popular options with a circular design and have a diameter of 1.96m. This means they’ll be covered by all of the options available above. Buying a combination of the LayZ Spa Paris and the most economical gazebo above would give you an all weather setup for around £1500.

The Layz Spa Hawaii and the “Miami” are both a touch smaller at 1.8m wide so they will fit under any of the gazebos with room to spare.

If you plan on buying something larger, such as the “St Moritz” then you’ll need to buy a correspondingly large gazebo.

Hot Tub Food and Drink Holder

As mentioned above, to fully appreciate the relaxing effects of a hot tub, a cold beer or glass of champagne can be helpful. A hot tub gazebo with a bar incorporated would be a great place for entertaining, although it’s tricky to find a gazebo which fits the bill, so you have two options

  • Expensive: Custom build by a local craftsman
  • Cheap & Effective: DIY approach where you buy a gazebo with half walls and add a shelf, or get a local handyman to do it for £30
  • Alternative: Get a narrow table of the same height as your hot tub
hot tub drinks holder

For the DIY option your best bet is either the Palmako Betty or this Forest Garden. On one of the sides add a few brackets and attach a sturdy shelf.

Another option is to get a food and drink holder which hangs over the side of your hot tub (see image).

This is a double beer holder designed for the inflatable LayZ spa hot tubs. Reviews are generally positive, it looks ok although I haven’t tried it myself. I’m still convinced I can train the dog to bring me cold beers from the fridge…

Final Review Thoughts

As the saying goes, “a hot tub is not just for christmas”; a suitable hot tub shelter will go a long way to ensuring that your hot tub is protected from the elements and gives you years of enjoyment. Not to mention that a gazebo roof is a great aid to privacy – having your neighbours gawping at you from their upstairs windows can take the shine off your relaxing soak.

A cheap hot tub gazebo can set you back about £1000 whilst the top end ones go for upto £5000. If you’ve already splashed out on the hot tub and can’t stomach the extra spend, maybe go without a roof for the first year… that will give you time to save up to finish the project, and you’ll soon learn whether you’er happy being rained on whilst in the tub.