Insulated Garden Office – Evolution

This insulated garden office incorporates multi-foil insulation to ensure comfort all year. The tall windows and contemporary styling provide ample light and great ambience for your office.

Summary Information – Insulated Garden Office – Evolution
Roof type Flat roof
Roof material Black mineral felt (Optional upgrade to rubber roof)
Walls 9mm composite timber, multi foil insulation, panels
Floor 11mm tongue and groove (Optional upgrade to 19mm or 28mm)
Windows 2 opening, 4 fixed (Optional upgrade of additional windows)
Window panes Double glazed
Door Double door with mortice lock
Width x depth 4.48m x 2.95m  /  14’8″ x 9’8″
Footprint 13.2m²  /  43 ft²
Max height 2.27m  /  7’5″
Treatment Primed
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
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Buying an Insulated Garden Office & Staying Warm All Year

If you plan on buying a garden office to use throughout the year, keeping it warm is an important consideration.  An insulated garden office will cut down on heating bills and reduce the ongoing costs.

Centrally placed door and black painted frames and gables

If you live in Scotland or the North of England where the winters are a little colder than other regions, this becomes an even more important consideration.

Treated External Panels & Anti-Rot Guarantee

The “Evolution” is delivered as large cladded 9mm thick panels which are manufactured to a high specification.  The wood is treated to prevent fungal decay and also coated with wax to aid water resistance. This is backed up by a ten year anti-rot guarantee.

The cladding is delivered in a primed condition and should be painted with exterior wood or masonry paint within 6 months.

Multi Layer Foil Insulation

Sandwiched between the external and internal layers is a high performance multi-foil insulation.  Foil insulation has been proven to be a durable and versatile material. 

multi foil insulation and cladding

Its high U value means that relatively thin layers provide substantial insulation, making it ideal for outdoor timber buildings.  A key benefit of multi foil insulation is that it prevents moisture build-up which can inhibit the performance of other types of insulation.

An additional air-gap between the foil and internal panels further enhance the efficiency of the insulation.

Office Sizes and Layout

The Evolution comes in a simple rectangular shape suitable for most home working needs.  The dimensions range from 14 ft to 20 ft wide (4.2 m to 6.1 m) and 8 ft to 12 ft deep (2.4 m to 3.6 m).  

evolution garden office sizes

The attractive frontage has four, tall, shatter-resistant windows, increasing to six for the larger building size. You can also elect to have the sturdy double-glazed glass door placed centrally or offset to the side (as shown).

Price wise, the Evolution starts at around £4500 for the 14ft x 8ft building and goes up-to £8500 for the larger 20ft x 12ft office. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a cheap insulated garden office, but this price is very competitive, especially when considering the build quality and standard of materials used.

14 foot wide and 20 foot wide garden office

There are a large range of customisations including additional side windows, rubber rooves and three thicknesses of floor to cater for varying uses.  The standard thickness is 11mm tongue and groove, with two alternatives of 19mm and 28mm.

How to Heat Your Garden Office

During the winter months, your office will require heating.  Portable Gas heaters are a convenient solution which can be easily moved around as required.  If you have an electrical power supply then an electric oil heater or fan heater is another good option. 

Insulated Garden Office With Electrics

A well kitted out home office

You’ve probably already pondered the question of electrics if you intend using a garden building as an office. 

At a minimum, most people will require lighting, and likely some power points for a computer, phone and any other necessary equipment or machinery

The addition of a kettle is also a game-changer, making things more pleasant. Quite frankly, in the UK, without the prospect of tea and coffee breaks in the workplace there would probably be countrywide strikes.

Wiring Your Garden Office – Hire An Electrician

Regulations in the UK dictate that any electrical work will need to be performed by a qualified electrician, so from the outset you should budget between £500 and £1000 for that. 

The electrical connection will be via heavy duty cable, typically buried in a trench half a metre deep.  This is then back-filled with stone before being covered with earth.

Digging A Garden Trench For The Cables

If you have a budget to keep to and want to take the cheapest option, you can do the digging yourself.  Be sure to verify the details with your chosen electrician.  Consulting the electrician on the specifics of cabling within your garden office would also be wisely done before nailing down all the panels.  With some forethought it is likely that cabling can be neatly concealed with optimally placed connection points.

Pros and Cons of a Timber Garden Office versus a Solid Brick Building.

Investing in a solid brick building may resulting in a more thermally efficient office, but inevitably involves much bigger upfront costs and planning permission could become a headache. 

With a pre-designed wooden garden building you forego the need to hire an architect to draft and refine plans to match your vision.  Whilst this fixed design may not provide quite as much flexibility, by cutting down your options you prevent delays caused by misunderstandings and procrastination.

Reduced Construction Times

If you’re a competent DIY’er the costs of erecting a timber office with a friend compare very favourably to hiring a team to build a solid brick building.  This prevents additional cost outlays and also means construction times can be reduced to a few days for a well manufactured timber clad building, rather than several weeks with the alternative.

evolution living room
The “Evolution” arranged as a living room

Avoiding the hassle and expense of dealing with a team of builders and architects is a clear advantage.

Staying Productive And Finding The Best Price

If you work from home and have realised that being out of the house is the only way to be free of distractions and remain productive, you’re probably way past the “weighing up the benefits” stage.  You have probably read multiple different reviews and are settling on an acceptable budget and finding the best price office in your chosen price range.

Final Thoughts

The Evolution is a sturdy garden office which incorporates insulation.  It’s manufactured to a high standard and is a very cost effective solution when compared to a bespoke garden building. 

If you need to work from home in a quiet environment this is a good candidate to get the job done.

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