Log Cabin Gazebo

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  Lakra Log Cabin with Side Gazebo Palmako Ella Log Cabin Gazebo Corner Log Cabin with Gazebo Torquay Log Cabin with Integrated Gazebo Lugarde Prima Julia Log Cabin Gazebo
Lakra Log Cabin with Side GazeboTigerShed
Palmako Ella Log Cabin with GazeboShedStore
Corner Log Cabin with GazeboShedStore
lasita maja torquay log cabin gazeboWayfair
Lugarde Prima Julia Log Cabin GazeboTaylors
  Advertised size
Advertised size 16′ x 10′ 6.6m x 3.2m 5.7m x 3m 18.9 ft x 12.1 ft 3m x 6.6m
  Roof type
Roof type Pent Pent Reverse Apex Reverse Apex Pent
  Roof material
Roof material 19mm tongue & groove 19mm tongue & groove 16mm tongue & groove 18mm tongue & groove 19mm tongue & groove
  Roof covering
Roof covering Not included. Mineral felt or shingles (extra) Not included. Mineral felt or rubber (extra) Not included. Shingles (extra) Not included Mineral felt
Walls 44mm interlocking wall logs 28mm interlocking wall logs 28mm chalet style cladding 44mm tongue & groove 28mm tongue & groove
  Internal Floor
Internal Floor 19mm tongue & groove 19mm tongue & groove 19mm tongue & groove 18mm tongue & groove 12mm tongue & groove
Door Double doors. Mortice lock Double doors. Cylinder lock Double doors. Cylinder lock Double doors. Cylinder lock Double door, frosted glass. Mortice lock
Windows 2 opening n/a 2 opening 1 opening, 1 fixed n/a
  Window panes
Window panes Single glazed (toughened), 4mm n/a Double glazed, 4mm Double glazed n/a
  Dimensions (including overhang)
Dimensions (including overhang) 475cm x 295cm / 15′ 7″ x 9′ 8″ 674cm x 340cm / 22’1″ x 11’2″ 599cm x 322cm / 19′ 8″ x 10′ 7″ 615cm x 434cm / 20′ 2″ x 14′ 3″ 660cm x 300cm / 21′ 8″ x 9′ 10″
  Dimensions (cabin)
Dimensions (cabin) 207cm x 267cm / 6′ 9″ x 8′ 9″ 300cm x 300cm / 9’10” x 9’10” 280cm x 280cm / 9′ 2″ x 9′ 2″ 221cm x 361cm / 7′ 3″ x 11′ 10″ 300cm x 240cm / 9′ 10″ x 7′ 10″
  Dimensions (gazebo)
Dimensions (gazebo) 235cm x 267cm / 7′ 9″ x 8′ 9″ 362cm x 300cm / 11’11” x 9’11” 277cm x 280cm / 9′ 1″ x 9′ 2″ 340cm x 361cm / 11′ 2″ x 11′ 10″ 360cm x 300cm / 11′ 10″ x 9′ 10″
  Max height
Max height 241cm / 7’11” 214cm / 7’0″ 307cm / 10’1″ 245cm / 8’0″ 245cm / 8’0″
  Other sizes
Other sizes 16’x 10′, 16′ x 12′, 18′ x 10′, 18′ x 12′ 6m x 3.2m, 6m x 3m, 5.4m x 3m      
  Internal floor included
Internal floor included
Treatment Untreated Untreated Untreated Untreated Pressure treated foundation beams
Guarantee 20 year guarantee 5 years 5 year manufacturer warranty 5 year manufacturer warranty 5 year manufacturer warranty
Summary Upgrade to include double glazing and guttering   Home installation available Covered terrace perfect for a hot tub or outside seating. Pressure treated foundation timbers Upgrade to 44mm wall logs

Buying Guide

The great thing about a log cabin gazebo is the versatility – the indoor and outdoor areas mean you can adapt to variable UK weather.

The inclusion of a side gazebo means this kind of garden building is generally quite wide, with the five in our review ranging from 475cm to 674cm wide.

One of the key differentiators is the relative size of the cabin and the integrated gazebo. We’ve included the dimensions of both the log cabin and gazebo sections to help ensure you buy a building which suits your needs.

The size of the covered area you select will be largely determined by your intended use. Some of the more popular uses are:

  • Outdoor seating area, perhaps with a corner furniture set
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Fully or partially covered hot tub area

Cost-wise, the cheapest will set you back just over £3000, whilst the most expensive option will cost more than £6000. Buildings of this kind typically come with chalet style interlocking logs which are very solid and durable.

Key Design Features To Consider

Location of the doors is often overlooked, but if you have a hot tub occupying the gazebo area you will need to ensure the doors have enough room to open. It may make more sense to choose a building with doors exiting to the front (e.g. Palmako Ella) rather than toward the gazebo. On the other hand, if you want a free flowing seating and dining area a side entrance is probably ideal (e.g. Lakra Log Cabin).

lakra internal view of windows

Number of windows is worth thinking about; if you want to admire your garden, more is undoubtedly better. However, if you intend to use the cabin as a changing area for a pool or hot tub, less windows is preferable to ensure privacy. The addition of curtains or blinds is another solution which ensures the room can be used for a variety of occasions.

Log cabin wall thickness becomes an important factor in the colder months. Thicker walls result in a building which retains warmth more effectively. The standard thicknesses are 28mm and 44mm. If you intend to add insulation to the roof and floors or a heater you would be advised to select a thicker width wall to enhance the overall effect.

Style of roof is usually a big factor in how the building fits into the surrounding, but the range of apex roofs and pent roofs on this style of building are not dramatically different due to the gentle angles involved. You will no doubt have a preference but the impact is not as pronounced as with other summer houses and log cabins on the market.

Wood treatment or painting is essential to ensure a long life for your log cabin gazebo. Painting the inner walls of the gazebo a different colour to the external walls is one approach which gives a pleasing effect and can transform peoples perceptions.

Another common approach is to paint the frames of doors and windows a contrasting colour. Clever use of colour combinations and furniture is how a “glorified wooden shed” is transformed into a “chic garden retreat”. Before and after photos are a great way to illustrate this.

Transforming a plain gazebo log cabin with a TV style makeover

How Big Should the Side Gazebo be?

It’s worth focusing a little more on the size requirements of the integrated gazebo. If you have a specific garden furniture set in mind, measure it up and make sure you buy a cabin with a large enough floor area. The Palmako Ella is available in a range of sizes, the largest is 6.6 metres wide with the side gazebo taking 3.62 metres of the width.

This makes it a great choice for those looking for a big external area for entertaining larger groups. A barbecue just isn’t British if it doesn’t include a rain shower, but rather than running inside you can just retreat under the gazebo or even into the cabin itself.

As the night wears on you will be thankful for the warmer inside of the cabin, you could even have some blankets on hand, a weather resistant storage box is a convenient place to stash these outside if required.

If your reason for buying is to cover a hot tub, you’ll need to consider the orientation of the door as mentioned above. It’s also worth considering a dedicated hot tub gazebo which could lower the overall cost if you’re happy for you and your guests getting changed indoors.

Separate Deck Area – Floor Covering

Be advised that although a cabin floor is included in the purchase price, any external decking is not. This means that in addition to considering a suitable base for the cabin, you’ll also need to consider the floor area for the side gazebo. Wooden decking is probably the most common approach although there are other options such, see the picture below for an idea.

log cabin gazebo decking or paving slabs
Gazebo flooring options showing decking on left and paving slabs on right

Bottom of Your Garden

Depending on the proportions of your garden you might decide to occupy the entire width with a building, this would resolve any tricky conundrums about whether to place a summer house to the left, right or centrally.

In a north facing garden, placing a wide log cabin against the bottom wall could be the perfect way to take advantage of sun in the afternoon and provide a little extra warmth in the evenings.

Final Review Thoughts

Having a log cabin with attached gazebo gives you a flexible garden building which allows you to enjoy your garden whatever the weather.

Most people think they’re limited to a summer house or a gazebo but I think more people would buy these if they realised they were an option. It just goes to show, a little extra research can pay dividends and allow you to stumble on something that matches your needs perfectly. It may be one of these cabins, if not, maybe some of our other comparison pages will help.