Log Cabin Gazebo

log cabin gazebo

Probably the best thing about a log cabin gazebo is the versatility. You have an option whatever the weather. On a summers day you can shelter from the sun under the gazebo and still benefit from the breeze. If the temperature drops you can retreat to the cabin. The five cabins we compare are all wide enough to allow a generous seating area outside, and all feature interlocking chalet style logs.

Rowlinson Oasis Log Cabin

rowlinson oasis log cabin

A stunning log cabin from Rowlinson with a side porch which is perfect for taking tea in the garden and entertaining guests. The porch area is just under 3 metres wide whilst the enclosed room measures just under 2.5 metres wide. The 28mm tongue and … Read more

Adley Hereford Log Cabin with Storage

adley hereford log cabin

A small log cabin with side storage which will slot into any garden and provide a versatile outdoor area. The main room is compact but there’s enough space for a small garden office or pleasant garden room. The side shed is just over a metre … Read more

Insulated Log Cabins – Compare 5 Of The Best

Greenway Leighfield insulated log cabin

  Best of the Best Great Value Cheapest compare 4 compare 5   Greenway Leighfield Greenway Ettrick Greenway Newburgh L Shaped Greenway Hawthorn Malvern Astwood   Sheds.co.uk Check Price Sheds.co.uk Check Price Sheds.co.uk Check Price Sheds.co.uk Check Price Taylors Garden Buildings Check Price   Roof … Read more

Adley Newhaven Small Log Cabin with Veranda

adley newhaven log cabin with veranda

A rustic log cabin perfect for small gardens. Available with a veranda and the option of georgian window frames. Versatile enough to use as an outdoor room, gym or small garden office. Priced around the £1700 mark. Summary Information – Adley Newhaven Small Log Cabin … Read more

Palmako Lea Log Cabin

stour cleveland log cabin pool house

Wide bi-folding doors and 44mm timber make the Palmako Lea log cabin perfect as a wooden pool house. Enjoy panoramic views and take full advantage of summer by opening the doors and making the cabin part of your garden. Summary Information – Palmako Lea Log … Read more

Adley Insulated Garden Room 4m x 3m

A premium quality insulated garden room with double skinned insulated shiplap walls. Includes sythetic EPDM roof covering and full length, double glazed windows with safety glass. Summary Information – Adley Insulated Garden Room Roof type Flat with gentle slant Roof material EPDM synthetic rubber Walls … Read more

BillyOh Dorset Log Cabin Garden Office

Billyoh Dorset featured

The BillyOh Dorset is one of the best selling log cabins in the UK.  It’s suitable for use as a home office or as a stylish garden room. Optional extras include thick flooring and double glazing to keep external noise to a minimum. Summary Information … Read more

BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin

winchester log cabin

An alpine style log cabin that would look perfectly at home in the Austrian mountains. It’s versatile enough to be a garden room, home gym or office. Excellent build quality make this a solid investment. Summary Information – BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin (5.2m x 5.0m) … Read more

Billy Oh Frontier Montana Log Cabin


Summer House Overview The Frontier Montana from Billy Oh is available in three different sizes to suit your garden, whatever it’s design. The inclusion of an overhanging verandah lends an authentic touch often lacking in other log cabins. It also permits outside entertaining rain or … Read more