Mid June, Busy as a Bee


It’s June and lockdown is beginning to ease off a little across the country. I was browsing Zoopla, as you do, and accidentally clicked on the commercial property bit, looks like lots of places are vacating. I suppose it’s not surprising, but the reality will be that in a few months 30% of the small businesses and restaurants, cafes will be shut. Dire times ahead for the town centres.

On the flip side people have been spending lots of money on paddling pools and other things to keep themselves entertained at home, DPD the parcel chaps, amongst others, have seen a 200% increase in demand, Christmas levels of deliveries apparently. All of those new garden accoutrements will need to be stashed somewhere, I suppose a summerhouse with a side shed might come in handy. Make mine an Adley please.

So what have I been reading this month, well a little about bees (hence the pic and title) in the “blackberry garden” and I have been inspired to get one of the bee boxes mentioned, it arrives with live bees, which soon start bumbling around and pollinating and generally being busy.

This will probably be a project for next year. I want to convert my front lawn into a wild meadow of sorts. This is mildly complicated by the lack of a front lawn, hence this being scheduled for next year.

Keeping on the flying insect theme I found this short article quite interesting too. Thomas talks about constructing dragon-fly friendly ponds using different zones of mud sand and stones in the bottom.

If you need any inspiration for an organised plot take a look a look at Marks veg plot. He’s got his first crop of potatoes and they’re looking Tasty, with a capital T. I’m going to be following him from now on, added to my rss feed.

Until next time…