Motorbike Shed – Asgard Gladiator

The Asgard Gladiator motorbike shed has a secure, rust-proof metal exterior and reinforced doors and frame. The lock is pick and drill resistant. It is police approved and can lower your insurance premiums.

Summary Information – Asgard Gladiator Motorbike Shed
Roof type Apex
Roof material Galvanised steel – 18 gauge
Walls Galvanised steel – 18 gauge
Floor Heavy duty metal base plus OSB sub flooring
Windows 0 windows, 3 slit vents
Window panes n/a
Door Double door with 5 point locking system, pick and drill resistant lock
Width x depth 2.24m x 2.72m / 7’4″ x 8’11”
Footprint 6.09m² / 20 ft²
Max height 2.07m / 6’9″
Treatment Powder-coated paint
Guarantee 10 year anti rust. LPCB approved
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Key Security Features

  • Pick and Drill resistant lock
  • Five point locking system
  • Sturdy internal deadlocks
  • Doors feature brace bars to prevent them being bent out of shape by brute force or crowbars
  • Heavy duty hinges with no accessible screws
  • All screws and fixing points are internal
asgard centurion security features


Galvanised and Reinforced Metal Exterior

The exterior of the aptly named “Gladiator” is made of galvanised 18 gauge steel. This is 1.3mm thick and weighs approximately 10 kilos per square metre. All told, this sturdy, metal motorcycle garage weighs over 200kg, so will probably qualify as the heaviest flat-pack delivery you’ve ever had.

asgard motorcycle shed

Heavy Kicking and Crowbar – No Effect

If you want a good demonstration of the strength of the construction, watch this 2 minute long video (don’t have the sound too loud).

Loss Prevention Certification Board – Testing forced entry

A burly chap with work-mans boots gives it a sustained heavy kicking, with no real effect, aside from an excessive amount of noise – another security feature which will draw attention to any attempts at forced entry.

Lockable Motorbike Shed

This ridiculously strong exterior is only worth having if the other elements are up to standard. Brute force may work against a wooden shed, but as the first video demonstrates, it’s unlikely to work against the Gladiator.

The most obvious entry route is via the lock; a weak point for most sheds and garages. However, the lock on the Asgard is pick and drill resistant, which addresses this weakness. Here is another video, this time showing a determined attempt to break the lock, with no success.

Failed brute force attempt on lock

LPCB Accredited

The “Loss Prevention Certification Board” tests involve simulating “opportunistic theft attempts”. To do this they use tools including spanners, wrenches, levers, pliers, screwdrivers, tweezers. They target all parts of the building and accreditation is only granted if every part withstands the assault.

As evidenced by the two videos above, they don’t hold anything back. Despite having a very good go, they fail to force entry to the Asgard Gladiator garage, which should give you confidence at the ability to withstand most attacks.

Lower Motorbike Insurance Premiums

The numerous accreditation’s and the fact that its police approved mean that some insurance companies will consider lowering your premiums

Asgard Motorbike Shed Dimensions

Before buying this motorcyle garage you should check the dimensions will be sufficient for your needs. At over 2 metres wide and 2.7 metres long you should be able to comfortably fit two motorbikes inside.

metal motorcycle garage plan

Assembling the building is a two man job and needs standard DIY tools. It also includes an integrated steel floor and fixing bolts to allow you to anchor it to the ground. This is topped by wooden boards to ensure your tyres are kept in tip top condition.

A quick assessment of the size and weight of the shed makes it clear that moving it wont happen unless it’s un-anchored and disassembled from the inside.

It’s footprint is small enough that it doesn’t require planning permission, if you do move house at some point, you can spend a day taking it apart and take it to your new house.

Weather Proof and Ventilated

Side vents are visible on both sides of the garage, these ensure that temperature and humidity are kept within tolerable ranges. Hidden vents are also incorporated in the roof.

Motorbike shed side vents

Internal Storage Space

It goes without saying that if you have a motorbike you’ll need somewhere to put your helmet and other gear. Two shelves and a hook rail come included as standard, and you can buy extras as and when you need them.

Storage shelves for helmet and other accessories

If you own a mountain bike or road bike aswell, this garage can serve as somewhere to store that too, and maybe double as a workshop. It includes mounting plates for electric sockets if you plan on running electrics into the shed.

Review Summary

If you plan on buying a motorcycle shed, make sure it’s as secure as the Asgard Gladiator. If not, you’ll just be keeping your motorbike under shelter for the first opportunistic thief that comes along. It’s definitely worth spending a little more to avoid the stress. Click here to visit the retailer