Multi Room Garden Office – Hub


A large multi room garden office from BillyOh, with solid construction and a choice of two large sizes, with footprints from 28m² to 33m²  this could be the answer to people looking for a large garden office.

Summary Information – BillyOh Hub Multi Room Garden Office
Roof type Reverse apex
Roof material Optional extra, green mineral felt, grey or black shingles
Walls 44mm
Floor Optional extra, 19mm tongue and groove
Windows 4 opening Modern or Georgian style
Window panes Single glazed (Optional upgrade to double glazed)
Door Two double door with 5 lever lock and tower bolts
Width x depth 8.25m x 3.91m / 27’1″ x 12’1″
Footprint 32.3m² / 10’7″ ft²
Max height 2.49m / 8’2″
Treatment Pressure treated (optional extra)
Guarantee 14 day no fuss returns policy
Price Click here for current price

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Multi Room Layout

The “Hub” is comprised of two, large, equal sized rooms flanking a central atrium. This would lend itself well to a business composed of two equal partners, each requiring their own office.

Another setup could involve one principal office and a meeting room for receiving visitors and clients. Below is a third configuration where the office has two distinct work areas.

multi room planview

The internal dimensions of each room are 3.5 x 3.5, or 3.2 x 4.5, depending on which style of “Hub” is chosen. The generous internal size gives you a lot to work with.

internal office view

Above you can see four desks have been comfortably installed with room to spare. The decoration is quite minimal, but a well chosen carpet or rug combined with some painting of internal walls could add some more character to the space.

The twin room configuration could also be setup to accommodate a husband-wife team working in different industries, with one side configured as an artist or graphic designers studio, and the other decked out with a high speed internet line and some serious computer hardware.

The large size lends itself well to accommodating a range of equipment and storing works in progress.

Construction Options

The standard option with 40mm walls comes in at just over £5000.

As standard the Hub garden office comes with tongue and groove roof, double tongue and groove interlocking boards, pressure treated bearers and all fixtures and fittings. Comprehensive assembly instructions are also provided


Garden Office Upgrade Choices

There are also multiple upgrade choices available, these are listed below.

  • Thicker 70mm walls
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Double glazing
  • 28mm floor boards
  • Shingle roof

If you go for all of the upgrades the price comes in at just under £16000.

There are various choices to be made, some of which will bring more benefit than others. The upgrades you choose obviously depend on your budget and requirements.

In its standard configuration the “Hub” is well suited to people requiring a larger space. The layout is designed for those looking for a multi-room garden office configuration, rather than a summer house.

This dedicated design and the flexibility offered by two separate office spaces is a big selling point and one that has made the hub a popular choice. Click here to visit the retailer