Octagonal Summer House – Compare the Top 5

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  Palmako Veronica 2.9m x 2.9m Tiger Elite Octagonal Georgian Roundhouse 8’x8′ Rowlinson Ryton 8′ x 8′ Crane Octagonal Summer House
palmako veronica 9 x 9 log cabinShedstore
tiger elite octagonalTigerSheds
georgian roundhouse 8 x 8Taylors
rowlinson 8 x 8 ryton octagonal summerhouseSheds.co.uk
crane summerhouse scandinavian redwood - featuredJohn Lewis
  Roof type
Roof type Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex
  Roof material
Roof material 16mm tongue & groove Fibreglass 16mm tongue & groove Plywood 19mm tongue & groove
  Roof covering
Roof covering Not Included. Shingles (extra) Fibreglass Mineral Felt Mineral roofing felt Cedar shingle roof tiles
Walls 28mm tongue and groove logs 16mm tongue & groove shiplap cladding 16mm tongue & groove 12mm shiplap cladding 19mm tongue & groove cladding
Floor 19mm tongue & groove 16mm tongue & groove 16mm tongue & groove 12mm tongue & groove 19mm tongue & groove
Framing 28mm x 28mm 44mm x 58mm 50mm x 32mm tbc 38mm x 75mm
Door Double. Cylinder lock Double. Three lever lock Single. Mortice Lock Double. Latch lock Double. Mortice lock
Windows 4 opening 2 fixed 2 fixed 4 opening 4 fixed
  Window panes
Window panes Double glazed, glass 3-6-3mm Styrene 5mm Not specified Toughened glass Leaded glass, 4mm
Dimensions 289cm x 289cm / 9’6 x 9’6 175cm x 175cm / 5’9 x 5’9 245cm x 245cm / 8′ x 8′ 248cm x 248cm / 8’2 x 8’2 180cm x 250cm / 8′ x 10′
  Max height
Max height 310cm 272cm 241cm 256cm 243cm
  Other sizes
Other sizes 3.4m x 3.4m 6′ x 6′, 8′ x 6′   8′ x 6′, 8′ x 8′  
  Floor included
Floor included
Treatment Untreated Pressure treated Dip treated Dip treated Protective microporous paint
Guarantee 5 year manufacturer 20 year guarantee Not specified 10 year anti-rot 2 year manufacturer
Summary Thick 28mm log cabin style walls with plenty of internal space. Pressure treated cladding, with a sturdy fibreglass roof and a 20 year guarantee for peace of mind. Well constructed cabin with generously sized windows and stylish roof. Popular building with tall windows providing excellent illumination. Custom made to order. Hefty price tag is reflected in high quality of materials and craftmanship.

Buying Guide for Octagonal Summer Houses

An Octagonal summer house adds a touch of class to any garden.  They have a pleasing appearance when viewed from any angle, unlike most log cabins or summer houses which tend to have large featureless walls which can obstruct views.

In a larger garden an octagonal design looks splendid, and the oval nature means you won’t feel the need to place it next to a wall or large hedge, it has the aesthetics to stand proud.

If you’re ready to buy, take a look at our top choices which are compared above, or carry on reading for some more general information.

Crane Wiveton in wonderful setting
Crane Wiveton in a wonderful setting

Design Options to Review Before You Buy

  • Windows on four or two sides is the standard. Four will allow more sunlight to enter, whilst two will provide greater privacy, which might be a consideration if your garden is over-looked.
  • Check your roofing material options before buying; shingle tiles are more costly, but more durable than mineral felt. 
  • Different colour options are sometimes available so think about the which will look best with your intended wood colouring or paint.
  • Most guarantees stipulate that yearly application of wood preservative or paint is necessary for the warranty to be valid.  Be aware of the ongoing maintenance cost and time.
  • If you want to prevent regular maintenance, choose a pressure treated or a pre-painted option.

Planning Permission and Height Considerations

Octagonal and also hexagonal summer houses are generally taller since they’re typically sited in more central locations and the manufacturers like to maximise the height for aesthetic reasons.

Planning permission permits the buildings to have an overall height of upto 4 metres; Except when less than 2 metres from a property boundary, in which case the maximum eaves height is restricted to 2.5 metres.

All of the buildings we compare in the table above are within the criteria and so shouldn’t fall foul of any planning regulations. 

Most manufactured garden building work within the planning guidelines, but it’s worth verifying, especially if you’re embarking on a custom build.

Crane Octagonal Summer Houses

Crane garden buildings are firmly at the premium end of the scale. Their two octagonal summer houses share several features so it’s worth comparing these two and reviewing the differences.

FSC Certified Scandinavian Redwood

Both of the buildings are constructed from FSC certified Scandinavia redwood with 19mm shiplap cladding attached to a 38mm x 75mm frame. Each building is handmade to order which can result in a long-ish wait for delivery, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for the creme-de-la-creme. The quality and durability of the buildings owes much to the craftmanship and attention to detail that is lavished on each constituent part in the Norfolk HQ.

The Wiveton is round with a diameter of just over three metres (10′ x 10′) and is insulated as standard, these two points are the main reason for it’s higher price tag. The walls have additional internal cladding and are lined with a breathable membrane and insulation. The roof is crowned with an elegant spire.

Internal and external views of the Crane Wiveton Octagonal summer house
External and Internal views of the luxury Crane Wiveton summer house

The Crane summer house is slightly smaller, a variant of one of their original designs. It measures 1.8m x 2.5m (8’2 x 5’10), so it’s noticeably wider than it is deep. This lends itself well to a layout of a central coffee table flanked by two chairs, from which you can appreciate the expansive vistas offered by the tall windows.

Crane summer house in two different settings

Height wise, both buildings have an eaves height of 2m which ensures they stay within a range which negates the need for planning permission. The Wiveton has a higher apex at 3.32m which gives a grander, airy feel. Meanwhile, the summer house has a roof apex of 2.43m. This is a lower profile and depending on colour choices can result in a less conspicuous building more able to blend in.

Protective Microporous Paint

Both buildings are pre-painted using a microporous paint which protects against rain whilst allowing the timber to breathe, thereby preventing rot. You have a choice of four available colours: sage, cream, flint and willow.

Either building represents a significant investment, but when considered over the lifetime of the building is clearly a sound proposition.

As with all garden buildings, you tend to get what you pay for, so the Crane Wiveton at over £8000 will have a noticeably better build quality than the cheapest sub £1000 option.

Other Octagonal Summer Houses we Considered

These are the other summer houses which we considered which didn’t quite make the top 5.