Farmers Cottage Deluxe Summerhouse Sphere


The Deluxe Summerhouse Sphere or “The Deluxe” as it’s also known is a stunning garden room which will wow any visitors. It makes a great place for afternoon tea, evening drinks or to just relax in your garden. It’s futuristic design incorporates a plush interior … Read more

Rowlinson Oasis Log Cabin

rowlinson oasis log cabin

A stunning log cabin from Rowlinson with a side porch which is perfect for taking tea in the garden and entertaining guests. The porch area is just under 3 metres wide whilst the enclosed room measures just under 2.5 metres wide. The 28mm tongue and … Read more

Adley Hereford Log Cabin with Storage

adley hereford log cabin

A small log cabin with side storage which will slot into any garden and provide a versatile outdoor area. The main room is compact but there’s enough space for a small garden office or pleasant garden room. The side shed is just over a metre … Read more

Top 10 Gardening Blogs (in the UK)

This is a list of some of the Top uk based gardening blogs. It’s a work in progress; if you want to be in the list drop me a line [@]

Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed 8′ x 6′

Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed featured

The Woodvale Metal Shed is available in several sizes, here we’re featuring the most popular size; 8 foot by 6 foot. Perfect for storing all of your garden tools, lawn-mover, some tins of paint and other bits and bobs you need to look after. Summary … Read more

Insulated Summer House – Compare 5 Of The Best

Crane large garden room

A fully insulated summer house will allow you to enjoy your outdoor room year-round. Most ordinary summer houses are best suited to the warmer seasons as their name suggests. Here we compare five of the best which will be comfortable whatever the weather, or temperature. With buildings from Crane, Adley and Malvern.

Insulated Log Cabins – Compare 5 Of The Best

Greenway Leighfield insulated log cabin

  Best of the Best Great Value Cheapest compare 4 compare 5   Greenway Leighfield Greenway Ettrick Greenway Newburgh L Shaped Greenway Hawthorn Malvern Astwood Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Taylors Garden Buildings Check Price   Roof … Read more

Summerhouse with Side Shed

Adley cambridge summer house with side shed

A clever way to indulge yourself with a stylish summer house and keep your garden organised at the same time. We compare five of the best to make your task a little easier. We feature contemporary styles, log cabins and even a few corner summer houses. The prices range from £900 to £3000, so there’s something for all budgets.

Mid June, Busy as a Bee


It’s June and lockdown is beginning to ease off a little across the country. I was browsing Zoopla, as you do, and accidentally clicked on the commercial property bit, looks like lots of places are vacating. I suppose it’s not surprising, but the reality will … Read more

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

palram polycarbonate greenhouse 8 x 8

If you’re keen to produce more of your own food, a polycarbonate greenhouse is a great way to expand the range of fruit and veg you can grow and lengthen the growing season. Use our handy guide to compare five of the most popular greenhouses available in the UK today.

Octagonal Summer House – Compare the Top 5

crane wiveton octagonal summerhouse 3 x 3 - featured

An Octagonal summer house adds a touch of class to any garden. In a larger garden an octagonal design looks splendid, and the oval nature means you won’t feel the need to place it next to a wall or large hedge. We compare the top 5 and show key details at a glance. Including buildings from Crane, Rowlinson, Adley and Palmako.