BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin

winchester log cabin

An alpine style log cabin that would look perfectly at home in the Austrian mountains. It’s versatile enough to be a garden room, home gym or office. Excellent build quality make this a solid investment. Summary Information – BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin (5.2m x 5.0m) … Read more

Valo Corner Log Cabin

Summer House Overview The Finnforest Valo is cleverly designed to take maximum advantage of corner aspects. The large windows flanking the double doors allow sunlight to enter whatever the time of day. In a south facing garden you could place the valo cabin to have … Read more

Salisbury Summerhouse 3.1 x 2.4

Summerhouse Overview The Salisbury Summerhouse is a very popular choice with people looking to add an extra dimension to their garden.  Large double doors with triple windows allow plenty of light to enter the interior.  Two additional heavy duty windows glazed with styrene allow a … Read more

Finnforest Ulos Log Cabin

finnforest ulos log cabin

Log Cabin Overvew This luxury log cabin has 32 square metres of space to enjoy including a large covered verandah complete with decking. It is constructed from substantial 68mm logs and also features a lockable storage room at the rear. Log Cabin Construction The Finnforest … Read more

Finnforest Helppo Log Cabin


Log Cabin Overview The Finnforest Helppo log cabin is ideal for gardens with a view.  The wrap around deck and ranch style design allow you to enjoy the different aspects of your garden. It features an attractive sloping roof and 38mm thick walls. Layout & … Read more

Chiltern Octagonal Summerhouse 2.4 x 1.8

Summer House Overview The octagonal design of this charming summerhouse is makes it a perfect addition to your garden.  The large windows allow you uninterrupted views and give it a light and airy feel. A single and double door version allows you to choose whats … Read more

BillyOh Sun Room Summerhouse

Sun Room Overview The BillyOh Sun Room Summer house is designed to capture the sun and provide plenty of light throughout the year. This lets you enjoy your garden whatever the season. The four double windows and lockable glazed doors maximise the light that enters … Read more

Billy Oh Frontier Montana Log Cabin


Summer House Overview The Frontier Montana from Billy Oh is available in three different sizes to suit your garden, whatever it’s design. The inclusion of an overhanging verandah lends an authentic touch often lacking in other log cabins. It also permits outside entertaining rain or … Read more