Palmako Annika Garden Office

palmako annika

A contemporary garden office with Scandinavian heritage, the premium fixtures and fittings ensure a comfortable and secure working environment.

Modular design and additional extras including rain gutters allows you to adapt this give to your garden.

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Summary Information – Palmako Annika Contemporary Garden Office 5.5m x 4.5m
Roof type Pent
Roof material 19mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Black sand felt (additional cost)
Walls 16mm Nordic spruce modular panels
Floor 19mm tongue and groove
Windows 3 opening
Window panes Double glazed real glass
Door Insulated door with cylinder lock
Width x depth 6.08 x 5.39m /  19’11″ x 17’8″ (including overhang)
Footprint 32.8m²  /  107’6″ ft² (including overhang)
Footprint (internal) 21.5m²  /  70’6″ ft² (internal)
Max height 3.11m  /  10’2″
Treatment Treated foundation joists
Guarantee 5 year parts guarantee
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A more detailed review can be found below…

Latest Modern Scandinavian Design

A clear focus on premium quality and functionality is immediately apparent with the Palmako Annika. These are hallmarks of all Palmako Log Cabins.

palmako annika contemporary garden office

Only the finest Nordic spruce is used in the construction of the Annika. The cabin is delivered in pre-assembled modular panels. This allows you to place the door and windows in a variety of configurations.

So the contemporary design is further enhanced by the the flexibility to place the door and windows on any of the sides, in the most appropriate place.

Natural Light from full length windows

The full length windows allow plenty of natural light to enter, which ensures a pleasant working environment. Adding some blinds to certain windows may be helpful, but this depends on where you place the building and the arc of the sun.

Garden Office Ideas

You can reflect the minimalist Scandinavian design in the colour palette you choose.

garden office colour ideas

Contrasting the frames and roof with the main colour is a popular painting approach which generally yields pleasing results with most colour combinations.

Contemporary Garden Office

Having your own office space at home is vital if you’re to perform work free of distractions. Deep thought and concentration isn’t really possible if you’re being interrupted by kids playing, the door bell ringing and other short but disruptive events.

The Annika garden office solves that problem and has a modern style that will enhance the look of any outdoor space.

Secure Door with Cylinder Lock

cylinder lock

The sturdy, insulated door is secured with a high quality cylinder lock.

The absence of large windows on the door further enhances the security aspect. This goes against the trend of larger windows which you find on lots of modern garden buildings.

(If you do need more window space you may want to read our review of the Evolution insulated garden office.)

As you would expect, the small windows on the door of this Palmako log cabin make forced access via the door much tricker. You can feel safe setting your office up and leaving valuable computer equipment in the cabin.

Rubber Seals on Doors & Windows

rubber window seals

The double glazed windows come with a frame construction which is of a much higher standard than found on most log cabins.

A premium product such as this, can be relied upon to last a longer time and give you less maintenance headaches than an inferior product.

Admittedly you will pay a little extra, but the quality workmanship and materials speak for themselves and it represents a sound investment.

Wind-proofing included in panels

Another uncommon touch is the integration of wind-proofing in the panels. This will prevent any unwanted drafts, resulting in a comfortable work-space.

Rain Gutter Fitted to Size

garden office rain gutter

For a small additional sum you can include a Palmako rain gutter, this will allow you to direct rain water to a suitable gutter or run off point.

The sizing is all taken care of, including ‘elbows’, ‘downpipes’ and everything else so you won’t have to spend frustrating hours measuring things up and travelling to and from B&Q.

You could even consider feeding the outlet pipe into a water butt to water your garden plants. The square footage provided by the flat roof will add up to a reasonable amount of water, especially if you live in a wetter part of the UK (Looking at you Cardiff and Swansea).

Review Summary

A stylish, contemporary log cabin from Palmako. This will serve as the perfect home office for decades, giving you an excellent return on investment.

You can buy the Palmako Annika, safe in the knowledge that it has top-tier construction standards from a market leading company, with premium fittings. All backed up by a five year guarantee.

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