Palmako Charlotte Garden Office

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The Palmako Charlotte is a traditional style garden office with a premium finish. The 16mm modular panel construction allows customised placing of windows and doors.

Quality double glazing and a sturdy 19mm tongue and groove roof and floor backed by a five year guarantee.

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Summary Information – Palmako Charlotte Garden Office 5.5m x 4.5m
Roof type Apex
Roof material 19mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Black sand felt or charcoal felt shingles (additional cost)
Walls 16mm Nordic spruce modular panels
Floor 19mm tongue and groove
Windows 3 opening
Window panes Double glazed real glass
Door Single door with cylinder lock
Width x depth 4.95m x 5.95m  /  16’3″ x 19’6″ (including overhang)
Footprint (inc overhang) 29.5m²  /  80’7″ ft² (including overhang)
Footprint (at base) 24.6m²  /  66’11” ft²
Max height 3.26m  /  10’8″
Treatment Treated foundation joists
Guarantee 5 year parts guarantee
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Modular Panels for Easy Customisation

A modular panel design gives you the flexibility to arrange the windows and doors in the most suitable manner.

If you need to maximise light entering on one side and ensure privacy from the other, that can be easily achieved. Simply arrange the panels according to your needs.

palmako charlotte modular design

The use of modular panels is a useful feature which is common to other Palmako cabins including the contemporary style ‘Annika’ garden office.

Classic Apex Roof Design

An apex style roof is tried and tested and ensures rain runoff. A black felt finish ensures durability, although this comes at a small extra cost.

palmako charlotte garden office

There is also the option of adding guttering which can be a useful addition in some settings, Although it’s certainly not essential.

Palmako Charlotte Sizing Plans

The dimensions are shown below, with the sizes including the overhang shown on the top and left sides of the diagram (5.95m x 4.95m). The size of the base is shown on the bottom and right hand side (5.48m x 4.48m).

sizing plans

A quick calculation determines that the overhang on each side of the building is 23.5cm. This overhang does a good job of protecting the eaves from the elements.

High Quality Manufacturing

The roof and floor boards are all 19mm tongue and groove with an excellent finish which ensures a stress free installation.

tongue and groove design features

Ease of installation and flexibility are two features of the modular panels already mentioned. In the central picture above, the panels have been opened to show the integrated wind proofing; this prevents any unwanted drafts.

Furthermore, the door features a rubber and silicone seals to complete the wind protection. Finally, all of the windows are double glazed to provide additional insulation properties to the office.

Personalising Your Palmako Charlotte

Classic palettes for office buildings are somewhat subdued with accents on frames and eaves. Beige is a colour that will blend into most gardens, given it’s natural look.

white and beige charlotte

Dark greys are quite often used since they can give a more business feel to the building; putting you in the right frame of mind as you walk the 2 minute commute to your office.

Ultimately, colour choice is a personal matter, and you have the liberty to choose as you wish, it’s your office after all!

Five Year Guarantee

Not every manufacturer will back their buildings up with a solid warranty or guarantee, but Palmako are happy to do so.

This is testament to the high quality of materials used and the strict manufacturing standards which have been honed since their founding back in 1997.

Rest assured, this is a company committed to producing high quality buildings. When you buy a Palmako office you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

Review Summary

In summary the ‘Charlotte’ is a traditional style garden office with a premium finish.

The modular design lets you easily choose where to places windows and doors. It’s a solid contender for best office from Palmako, and the 5 year guarantee gives peace of mind, making this an office you can buy with confidence. Click here to visit the retailer