Palmako Lea Log Cabin

palmako lea

Wide bi-folding doors and 44mm timber make the Palmako Lea log cabin perfect as a wooden pool house.

Enjoy panoramic views and take full advantage of summer by opening the doors and making the cabin part of your garden.

Summary Information – Palmako Lea Log Cabin Pool House
Roof type Pent slanted
Roof material 19mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Optional extra, black felt or EPDM
Walls 44mm tongue and groove log cladding
Floor 19mm tongue and groove
Windows n/a
Window panes n/a
Door Bi-folding double glazed with cylinder lock
Width x depth 5.30 x 3.80m /  17’5″ x 12’6″
Footprint 20.1m²  /  66’1″ ft²
Max height 2.49m  /  8’2″
Other sizes available 4.5m x 3.5m
Treatment Optional extra, pressure treated
Guarantee 5 year manufacturer warranty
Price Click here for current price

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Log Cabin Pool House Kit

If you have a swimming pool or are planning to install one you have surely recognised the benefits of a pool house.

The Palmako Lea log cabin works well as a pool house on a reasonable budget. For less then £5000 you can be up and running, without the need for planning permission, or lengthy discussions with external contractors.

palmako lea unpainted

Just grab a willing friend, or hire a local handyman to assist you with the installation. Within 8 hours you should have the cabin assembled and looking like the above picture.

Palmako Lea as a Pool House

The large bi-folding doors are the key feature, allowing a panoramic view of your garden and pool. During warm weather you can really take advantage of the pool house by fully opening the wide doors.

palmako lea log cabin pool house

The wooden pool house provides a dry area with shade for when the sun becomes too hot. If you are blessed with a large garden, you can have essentials like dry towels and refreshments on hand, without the need to trek inside the main house.

Hot Tub Refreshment Room

If you have a hot tub, the same principles apply; having somewhere to take a refreshment break is very handy. After twenty minutes in a hot tub, you’ll be ready for a cool mojito with plenty of ice.

Inside the log cabin there is ample space to setup a small bar or refreshments station and a comfortable seating area. You could buy a water resistant sofa or some rattan furniture from which you can admire the view.

On warm evenings you can have the doors flung wide open to fully enjoy the summer. During the cooler months you can keep the doors closed and use the cabin as a sun trap.

You could also locate your hot tub inside the cabin, but you’ll need to consider how to incorporate a base that can withstand the weight involved. The wide doors will go a long way to providing ventilation to prevent condensation, but you will also need to consider how to protect the structure from the steam and chlorine emitted by the hot tub.

Low Door Sill To Prevent Stubbed Toes

Whilst this may seem like a minor point, a low profile door sill will prevent countless painful stubbed toes.

If you’re strolling around your garden bare-foot, you can almost guarantee whacking a toe against the door frame.

If you do manage to whack a toe, the best case is hopping around in intense pain for a few minutes, whilst the worst case is a broken toe and a visit to the hospital. This low profile sill minimises the chances of that happening.

The stylish stainless steel finish prevents gradual degradation which can lead to strain on the door frame and costly replacements. Given this is the main high traffic area the manufacturer should be commended in including a premium finish here.

Felt Roof or EPDM roof kit

The roof of the cabin is a pent style with a gentle incline. This prevents standing water from accumulating on the roof but you will also need to consider a heavy duty covering for the roof.

You can buy a felt or EPDM roofing kit, these will be delivered with your log cabin.

44mm Machined Logs

A quick glance at the sturdy interlocking logs should go a long way to dispelling any doubts you may have about the quality of the building.

Slow grown Baltic sourced pine is used throughout and machined to exact standards to ensure the tongue and groove finish interlocks snugly.

The flooring, ceiling and walls all feature tongue and groove joints. A sturdy and durable building are the inevitable result of this high specification.

The thickness of the chalet style walls is 44mm, whilst the floor and ceiling are 19mm. A significant step up in thickness from the default for most log cabin kits.

Pool House vs Guest House

Having a pool house makes pool ownership and swimming more enjoyable. The convenience of having everything you need within reach means you can make the most of good weather.

If you’re near the south coast in Hampshire, Surrey or Kent, having a swimming pool is not uncommon, you may even have seen the Palmako Lea in a neighbours back garden.

You may have contemplated a guest house as an alternative, with a bedroom included. If that’s the case, some kind of toilet facilities will need to be factored in, which drastically changes the proposition.

Plumbing and electrics will add significant complexity to the project and you’ll need to consider increasing the budget and extend timelines accordingly.

Review Summary

If you’re looking for a high specification cabin that can function as a pool house or provide panoramic views of your garden, then the bi-folding doors of the Palmako Lea make it perfect for the task.

A log cabin kit comes at a fraction of the price of a custom design and you can buy with confidence knowing that it’s backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Click here to visit the retailer