Potting Shed Loxley 6 x 8

potting shed loxley 6 x 8

A versatile potting shed with a sturdy potting shelf, large slanting windows and a versatile “stable” door.

Provides protection from the elements so you can continue gardening whatever the weather.

Summary Information – Potting Shed Loxley 6′ x 8′
Roof type Flat with incline
Roof material 12mm tongue and groove. Mineral felt covering
Walls 12mm shiplap cladding
Floor 12mm tongue and groove
Windows 1 opening, 6 fixed
Window panes Styrene
Door Stable door with rim lock
Width x depth 1.79m x 2.39m / 5’10” x 7’10”
Footprint 4.28m² / 14 ft²
Max height 2.21m / 7’3″
Treatment Dip treated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
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Potting Shed with Inclined Windows

The large inclined windows ensure maximum sunlight reaches your seedlings. A total of seven windows ensures your workspace is well illuminated and provides optimum growing conditions with plenty of natural light.

loxley potting shed without windows

These particular styrene window panes are manufactured to a high standard. This is essential to minimise the occurrence of bubbles or imperfections which can act as a magnifying lens and damage delicate leaves.

Strong windows such as these can withstand all manner of flying objects. A bonus if your garden serves as an occasional playground for your family or friends children.

Deep and Sturdy Potting Shelf

At the base of the long windows is a deep potting shelf. You can use this space to prepare trays of seedlings or re-pot existing plants.

sturdy potting shelf

Wet Weather Workspace

You’re probably accustomed to the changeable British weather, generous rainfall is what makes this such a green country. However, if you have a potting shed you can take shelter during the frequent twenty minute showers which happen during the UK summer. It’s great being able to keep working on garden related projects, rather than running into the house.

Should you Buy a Potting Shed or Greenhouse

A greenhouse is fundamentally a building which lengthens the growing season and allows you to grow plants more suited to warmer climes.

A potting shed on the other hand is a multi purpose building, ideally suited to the task of germinating and potting plants which are destined for your garden.

The additional security and solid wooden walls also make it the perfect place for storing tools and all of your gardening paraphernalia.

A large expanse of wood gives you the chance to personalise your building. You can choose a colour which suits your tastes or complements the surrounding garden.

different coloured sheds

Multi-Purpose Garden Building

You can use your potting shed as a multi-purpose building. It can be a storage place for all of your gardening tools, a nursery for young plants and a refuge during winter for your more delicate potted plants.

It can also serve as a personal sanctuary. In the UK, the shed is something of an institution, but a shed doesn’t have to be a dimly lit enclave of woodworking or tool making.

A Calm Place to Gather Your Thoughts


You can revel in the natural light whilst you review the progress of your plants at your leisure.

Add a comfortable chair and a cup of tea and it can become a calm place to gather your thoughts away from the hustle and bustle.

As you relax in between your digging, planting and pruning, you have a refuge in which you can sit down and carefully plan your gardens next steps or just appreciate your hard work. You can check on your seedlings and watch as they flourish under your care.

If you have friends or neighbours who also enjoy gardening why not add another chair and invite them in to enjoy your oasis.

High Quality Construction

This potting shed is constructed with 12mm tongue and groove timber, supported by a robust 44mm frame. It is dip-treated to ensure a long life and comes with a ten year anti-rot guarantee.

A gently slanting roof prevents standing water, and a water-proof mineral-felt protects the shed against the elements.

Stable Door to Control Airflow & Access

The shed comes with a stable door as standard, an excellent feature which allows you to control the airflow within, and control access as required. If you have an energetic dog or young toddlers roaming around your garden, keeping the lower section closed will prevent mishaps.

Where to Place Your Potting Shed

Obviously, when deciding where to place the potting shed in your garden, you should try to ensure that the windows are south facing. Otherwise you will be nullifying the main advantage of the shed.

Some people buy a shed with the sole purpose of obscuring unsightly views, this may be a consideration for you. Other people are afflicted with “overly curious” neighbours, if you’re someone that’s fed up with your nosy neighbour monitoring your movements, a well placed 8 foot wide shed can do wonders for your privacy!

potting shed loxley 6x8

A floor is provided with the shed, but you will need a firm foundation on which to place it, so bear that in mind. Digging out and pouring a concrete base or placing level paving slabs are two potential options.

To allow more flexibility, the shed comes in two configurations, one with the door on the right and the other with the door on the left. This means you won’t be constrained when allows deciding on the best location.

Review Summary

It’s evident that this offering from Loxley compares very favourably against other timber potting sheds for sale at B&Q, Waltons etc.

Large windows and deep potting shelf combined with a sturdy design tick all the boxes. If you order it online it will be delivered to your doorstep within four weeks.

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