Rowlinson Apex Double Bin Store

A Rowlinson apex double bin store instantly solves the problem of unsightly bins, scavenging wildlife and strong winds.

The attractive pine is pressure treated for longevity and comes with a 15 year guarantee to back it up. You’ll need to spend a couple of hours putting it together, but it has good instructions and once assembled is sturdy enough to outlast its lengthy guarantee.

Summary Information – Rowlinson Apex Double Bin Store
Roof type Apex with two opening lids
Material 12mm shiplap cladding. Baltic sourced pine
Door opening size (width x height) 127.5cm x 109.5cm / 4’2″ x 3’7″
Max bin height 109.5cm  / 3’7″
Overall width x depth (including overhang) 154cm x 81cm  /  5’1″ x 2’8″
Overall width x depth (at base) 140cm x 75cm  /  5’0″ x 2’5″
Overall height 130cm / 4’3″
Footprint 200cm²  /  6’7″ ft²
Treatment Pressure treated
Guarantee 15 year anti-rot
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No More Unsightly Bins

The Rowlinson apex double bin store is a simple idea which has been well executed. A nice pine coloured wooden store is much easier on the eye than two big green (or blue) plastic boxes stationed next to your driveway. Dirty bins are even more of an eyesore, and lots of people prefer to keep them out of sight, Rowlinson provide a nice neat way of doing that.

If you’re looking for a different style take a look at our double wheelie bin store comparison page for some more options.

Pressure Treated Pine

The wood is pressure treated with preservative which contains copper hydroxide and benzalkonium chloride. These prevents fungal decay, rot and insect attack. and gives Rowlinson the confidence to provide a 1`5 year anti-rot guarantee. (If you manage to hang on to your receipt that long you’re more organised than me).

If for some reason you decide to start sawing bits off your bin store, i’d recommend not breathing in the resulting dust. When the wood is impregnated with chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce it’s generally a sign they’re best kept out of your body. The same goes for any pressure treated wood, or wood dust in general.

Prevent Scavenging and Blown Over Bins

The bolts on the door mean that strong winds or hungry animals won’t be able to get at your bins. Without a secured area like this foxes, squirrels or seagulls could be a problem – depending on local wildlife where you live.

Perhaps more common is strong wind blowing your bins over; that will be a thing of the past if you buy one of these. No more picking up scraps of rubbish from the pavement in the middle of winter…

Width of the Rowlinson Apex Double Bin Store

With both doors open there is a width of 127.5cm to allow entry of your bins. A typical wheelie bin is 58cm wide so they will roll in easily enough. The inside of the store is another 10cm wider than the entry-way, so there should be about 20cm of wiggle room left with two bins stored.

The depth of the store is 74.5cm which makes for a snug fit. My bins are 73.5cm deep, including the rear handles, so they’ll go in but with very little room to spare. This is probably a good thing, but if my bins were any bigger I would have a problem.


Height wise, the door allows clearance of roughly 5cm, so it’s a snug fit without being too tight. It’s evidently designed to not take up unnecessary space, so, mission accomplished on that front.

Measure Your Bins to be Certain

If you have smaller bins they’ll fit in no problem, but for the standard 240 litre size wheelie bin, it’s a good idea to get a measuring tape out to be sure. The bins are produced to a standard size, but I expect there are a few centimetres of difference depending on who manufactured the bins in your part of the country. Best to be sure before you buy.

How to Attach the Lid to the Bin for Simultaneous Opening

Each side of the bin store has two chains with a hook on the end. You simply loop the chain through the handle on the lid of your wheelie bin and attach the hook to one of the spaces in the chains.

handles for rowlinson bin store chain

If your bins don’t have handles on the lids then you’re snookered. I know there are some bins which have a lip at the front for lifting the lid rather than actual handles… If that’s the case you can either a) get creative and and make some kind of loop or hole on your bin, or b) find a different style of bin store. I’d be inclined to go with option b, but hopefully your bin has proper handles and not a funky flap design.

Rowlinson Apex Double Bin Store Instructions

Putting together the bin store is relatively straightforward, although labelling of parts would be helpful. It’s also recommended to have assistance, otherwise construction will be a little trickier.

There are 28 different parts, some of which come in twos, such as the doors, lids and side panels.

rowlinson double instruction excerpt

You’ll need a drill with a 3mm drill bit to make pilot holes for the screws; If you don’t make pilot holes and screw straight into the wood you risk cracking the wood around the screw, which would be a tad disappointing.

There are also lots of screws as you might expect, about 170 in total. So be prepared for some blisters, unless you have an electric screwdriver. Either way, you’re looking at about 3 hours construction time if you’re DIY inclined, or more if not so handy and doing it alone.

Review Summary

If you’re unhappy with having your dirty bins on display or have strong winds that cause problems this bin store does a great job of tidying things up. The shiplap pine wood is guaranteed for 15 years and the bin store is very presentable. Click here to visit the retailer