Rowlinson Oasis Log Cabin

rowlinson oasis log cabin featured

A stunning log cabin from Rowlinson with a side porch which is perfect for taking tea in the garden and entertaining guests. The porch area is just under 3 metres wide whilst the enclosed room measures just under 2.5 metres wide.

The 28mm tongue and groove logs are durable and a good choice to withstand the UK weather.

Summary Information – Rowlinson Oasis Log Cabin
Roof type Pent
Roof material 19mm tongue and groove
Roof covering Mineral felt
Walls 28mm tongue and groove
Floor 19mm tongue and groove
Windows None
Window panes Toughened glass
Door Double door with mortice lock
Width x depth 5.90m x 3.10m  /  19’4″ x 10’2″
Footprint 18.29m²  /  60 ft²
Max height 2.49m  /  8’2″
Other sizes available No
Treatment Pressure treated base frame
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Rowlinson Oasis Log Cabin with Porch

The Rowlinson Oasis log cabin is a premium style cabin with a generously sized side porch which can be used as an outdoor seating area or entertaining area.

If you’ve been torn between a log cabin and a gazebo you may have found the perfect compromise. Priced around the £3000 mark, it’s not cheap, but as the cliche says “you get what you pay for”…

rowlinson oasis log cabin with side porch

If you’re interested in this style of building but this doesn’t quite hit the mark check our log cabin gazebo reviews for five alternatives.

Sheltered Entertainment Area

The covered entertainment area is the part of this building which makes it stand out from the crowd. With some appropriate accessorising you can create a stunning outdoor area in which to entertain guests and generally enjoy some fresh air.

Comparing the unfurnished cabin on the left with the decorated version on the right highlights the difference which a few astute choices can make. A pair of hanging bulbs, some thought provoking prints, some tasteful curtains and some comfortable furniture transform the cabin.

decorated side porch

There’s also definitely space for a side table or maybe a drinks preparation area of some kind. This kind of setup would also work well if you had a hot tub or outdoor pool.

Whilst we’re discussing the aesthetics it should be apparent that neither of the designs above have woodstain or paint applied. With a dash of colour and some imagination you could have a building which is more impressive than that shown above.

Untreated Wall Cladding

silver fir protek

The lack of treatment on the Rowlinson Oasis means you will need to apply your preservative or paint fairly promptly after finishing the build.

A good wood preservative will protect the wood against a variety of problems, including UV damage, damp related problems and gradual degradation fungi. Each of these problems can significantly shorten the life of your log cabin, so it’s prudent to invest a small sum in good preservative.

28mm Tongue & Groove Cladding

The Rowlinson Oasis has walls which are a cut above average. At 28mm thick you will be paying a slight premium, but this will give you a much more rigid building which is built to last.

Thick logs are one of the main differences between a log cabin and a summerhouse. The thickness means that the walls don’t need an extensive internal framework like a summerhouse or shed. Sturdy uprights in each corner form the principal support sturcutre, leaving the tongue & groove logs to happily do the rest.

tongue and groove closeup

The ceiling does feature thick beams running from front to back to provide additional support for the roof and felt.

Modern Pent Roof with Stylish Overhang

A pent roof is a hallmark of a contemporary log cabin, the incline prevents standing water and is a popular look. When paired with a noticeable overhang the effect is enhanced to give a great looking building. The thick beams are easily strong enough to support the roof.

Double Doors with Toughened Glass

The enclosed room is fronted with double doors which have large windows, glazed with toughened glass. This allows good views to the front of the cabin, but the enclosed area is definitely more secluded. If you want even more privacy, you could also hang some curtains or blinds. This would serve well as a changing area if you’re teaming this building up with a hot tub.

Other classy finishings include a mortice lock to secure anything left in the room.

Pressure Treated Base Frame

A pressure treated base frame comes as standard and is critical in ensuring a long life for your log cabin. Page 5 of the installation manual is given over to diagrams which explain how to prepare suitable foundations. I found these diagrams somewhat cryptic, but there are plenty of measurements and indications crammed into the page (and the booklet in general). Below is an excerpt which gives a flavour.

foundations instructions for rowlinson oasis

Some indications at the beginning of the booklet add some more detail, a foundation of concrete of 90cm depth and 30cm width is recommended. That amount of digging sounds like a pretty stern workout, and would probably require a follow up trip to the physio in my case…

If you intend following these instruction to the letter it might be worth hiring a small digger to get the job done. Once this part is and gravel added around the periphery you can assemble the pressure treated base frame as shown.

Rowlinson Oasis Dimensions and Plan View

Room dimensions aren’t explicitly stated in the marketing materials, only the size of the framework, from which i’ve derived a fairly accurate approximation. The measurements below are accurate to within 1~3 cm.

  • From side to side the entertainment area measures 2.95m with a depth of 2.47m.
  • The enclosed room has dimensions of 2.47m x 2.47m.
  • but the other measurements have to be derived from diagrams.
  • Double door entry way is 1.23m
  • The roof measures 3.28 metres which results in a roof overhang of 0.81m, with the majority of the overhang being on the from of the building.

This lack of specific dimensions is a bit of an oversight on the part of Rowlinson, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

One other bonus i’ve not yet mentioned is that the entertaining area can be built on the left or right hand side, as suits your needs. The does require you to re-imagine the instruction booklet which shows it on the right, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Review Summary

The Rowlinson Oasis log cabin is at a premium style cabin priced fairly reasonably around the £3000 mark. Whilst that may be over budget for some, the quality of wood means it’s an investment which will stand the test of time.

If you’re after something of this ilk, the striking design of the Oasis has few peers; it’s also clearly in demand since i’ve found it to be out of stock on several occasions. Click here to visit the retailer.