Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed 8′ x 6′

rowlinson woodvale metal shed

The Woodvale Metal Shed is available in several sizes, here we’re featuring the most popular size; 8 foot by 6 foot. Perfect for storing all of your garden tools, lawn-mover, some tins of paint and other bits and bobs you need to look after.

Summary Information – Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed 8′ x 6′
Roof type Apex
Roof material Vinyl coated metal with dark wooden colour
Walls Vinyl coated metal with brown woodgrain effect
Floor Floor not included
Framing Hot-dipped galvanised metal
Door Double sliding door with openings for padlock
Width x depth 2.53m x 1.81m  /  8’4″ x 5’11″
Footprint 4.57m²  /  15ft²
Max height 2.01m  /  6’7″
Other sizes available 6′ x 5′ upto 10′ x 12′
Guarantee 10 year anti-rust
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed Review

The main selling points of the Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed are:

  • Attractive wood grain appearance
  • Minimal maintenance when compared to a wooden shed
  • Ten year anti-rust guarantee

Pairing the strength and resilience of a metal shed with the aesthetic qualities of a well maintained wooden shed is a winning combination, especially at this relatively low cost.

If painting a shed each year doesn’t appeal to you, you should definitely put the Woodvale on your shortlist.

Convincing Wood Grain Panels

The woodgrain effect is pretty convincing, even at close range. It’s worth noting that the grain is varied enough to ensure that all of the panels look unique. Once you get close enough and touch the shed, it becomes apparent that it’s not a genuine wooden shed.

woodgrain close-up

The Woodvale shed successfully manages to combine the best of both worlds. It has the natural look of wood which will allow it to seamlessly blend into any garden but because it’s made of metal it’s impervious to rot and rodent damage which commonly affect wooden sheds. It’s also fire resistant which is reassuring.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Frame

The metal frame which provides the rigid, internal structure of the shed is made from hot dipped galvanised steel, this is basically a layer of zinc which gives a durable, long lasting resistance to corrosion.

The panels are also galvanised and then coated with a layer of vinyl which is designed to mimic wood.

galvanised frame

Low Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, you can get away with doing very little. If you bang the shed and manage to chip the acrylic coating, it’s recommended you touch up with the paint supplied, to ensure there’s no route for corrosion.

Other than that, you won’t need to be shelling out for expensive preservative or paint and dedicating a weekend to painting your shed; that’s the kind of chore you have to take care of with wooden sheds, not a metal shed like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big and heavy is the package when delivered?

The package weighs 76kg and has the following dimensions: height 13cm (5″), width 198cm (6’6″), depth 86cm (2’10”).

Q. How wide is the entry way when the doors are open?

When both doors are slid open the resulting open width is 110cm / 3’7″

Q. What tools will I need to assemble the metal shed?

A philips head screwdriver, a tape measure and a step ladder. A spirit level could come in handy too.

To ensure smooth sliding, lubricate the door track annually with furniture polish or silicone spray.

Instructions and Assembly

A detailed booklet is included which breaks the assembly process into 18 steps, each of which contains further sub-steps. The booklet is clear and well annotated.

I’m not normally inclined to follow instruction booklets, which typically results in me putting on one or more pieces back to front and with a few screws left over at the end. Despite that, I always advise people to review each step as you go.

woodvale instruction booklet excerpt
Excerpt of the instruction booklet included with the Woodvale

At step 6 there is a pertinent detail that you should only proceed if you have time to complete the rest if the steps in one sitting, or run the risk of wind damaging the incomplete structure. This is a considerate detail, no doubt the result of feedback from someone who had a half built shed blown apart overnight…

Assembly Time

Between 5 and 12 hours seems to be the range for how long it takes to build this shed. Obviously this depends on how much help you have and the conditions you’re working in.

So long as the base of the frame is rectangular (corner to corner measure should be equal), all of the holes should line up pretty sweetly, this will go a long way to making things straightforward. The building has a total of 358 screws and bolts, so a cordless screwdriver would go a long way to speeding the process up whilst also saving your thumb and forefinger from blisters.

For waterproof seals use silicone caulking between panels

A Quick Guide to Building a Base

Rowlinson recommend one of these three options in their instruction booklet:

1. An Arrow Floor Frame Kit

This is a metal frame which can be assembled in a few minutes. You attach it to the shed and anchor to the ground and on top of the frame you can lay plywood. Voila, base complete. The part you need is FB106-A, make sure to buy the size which corresponds to your shed.

arrow floor frame

If the arrow base is out of stock (it often is) you can make one of the following kinds of bases.

2. Wooden Base

You’ll need the following supplies

  • Pressure treated 2″ x 4″s (5cm x 10cm)
  • 5/8″ (1.5cm) plywood sheet for the floor
  • Galvanized nails

Construct the rectangular frame and then at 16″ intervals intervals nail the 2 x 4’s in place. Then add the plywood on top.

3. Concrete Slab

A flat level slab of 3 to 4 inches (8-10cm) is also popular choice. You’ll need the following supplies:

  • 1″ x 4″s (2.5cm x 10cm)
  • Concrete
  • Sheet of 6mm plastic

Dig a 6″ hole in the ground. Fill up to 4″ with gravel and tamp firm. Cover the gravel with the plastic sheet. Construct a temporary rectangular frame using the four planks of 1″ x 4″ lumber. Pour in concrete to fill the hole. Level the surface. Then allow 7 days for concrete to set and dry out.

That’s a brief summary of how to make a base. There are more details in the Rowlinson instruction booklet but i’d advise watching a few youtube tutorials if you decide on a wooden or concrete base. Or, alternatively, pay a reputable handyman to get the job done.

Regularly check your building for loose screws, bolts, nuts, etc. and re-tighten them as necessary.

Rowlinson Garden Products

With more than 85 years of manufacturing experience Rowlinson know how to build a good garden shed. They are a family owned business with their headquarters in Wardle, Cheshire.

love your garden crew
The ‘Love your Garden’ team

They pride themselves on high standards and the quality of their products. Their quality management system has been accredited to ISO 9001, this helps minimise defects in their manufacturing process and ensures a strong customer focus. All good news if you’re buying any of their products.

Rowlinson products have also been focused on TV programs, including “Love your Garden“, the Alan Titchmarsh garden makeover series. So if you do choose one of their sheds you’ll be in good company.

Review Summary

The 8 foot by 6 foot version of the Woodvale Metal Shed comes in under £500, reasonably cheap for a mid-sized metal shed.

At this price you wouldn’t anticipate a premium quality building, but it is actually a pretty solid choice which will last a long time. It also has a long warranty; although you’re unlikely to need it, it’s always reassuring to have your purchase covered by a reputable UK company.

All things considered it’s a pretty good deal. Click here to visit the retailer