Shed Of The Year Voting Open

A couple of shed related stories have caught my eye over the last few days. Mark Drakeford, Welsh first minister has been self isolating in his garden “hut” (link to Express article) to protect other members of his family. I imagine it’s more of a garden room, something more akin to the Adley insulated garden room than the Adley Truro. But lets not get hung up on semantics, tis a noble act. I can’t imagine Bojo needing to do something similar, his dad would be off to the continent first drop of a hat.

shed of the year entrant

The annual “shed of the year” competition is also in the process of being judged, with some lockdown inspired entries (link to BBC article).

One enterprising entry is a converted workshop used to manufacture visors for NHS staff. Others focus on ways to relieve the boredom caused by isolation, with a few bar style sheds being in the running this year. I’m quite enamoured by this pizza shed, looks like a pretty high spec pizza oven.

Voting is now open if you want to cast your vote on the readersheds website. There are plenty of ideas and inspiration on there, with previous years winners all featured.

Some of the shortages of summer houses and log cabins which have been evident at internet retailers and also the big names like B&Q and Screwfix have been somewhat alleviated from what I can tell. With the supply chains across the world slowly getting back into gear. Even if you have a UK based manufacturing centre, plenty of source materials and parts come from different parts of the world nowadays.

Until next time…