Shire Lumley Traditional Summer House 7×5

A traditional summer house with an apex felt roof and stylish Georgian double doors. The 7ft x 5ft footprint makes this a compact option which will fit most gardens and provide an excellent outdoor garden room.

Includes a ten year anti-rot guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Summary Information – Shire Lumley Summer House
Roof type Apex
Roof material 11mm OSB board. Mineral felt covering
Walls 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding
Floor 12mm tongue and groove
Windows n/a
Window panes n/a
Door Georgian style double door with latch
Width x depth 2.20m x 1.93m  /  6’11” x 6’4″
Footprint 4.2m² / 13’9″ ft²
Max height 2.10m / 7’3″
Treatment Dip treated
Guarantee 10 year anti-rot
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Traditional Summer House

blue lumley summer house

If you’ve been searching for a traditional summer house which will complement your garden, the “Shire Lumley” is an inspired choice. It has a charming design which echoes classical summer house design.

The rectangular base measures 7ft by 5ft. The floor is a sturdy 12mm thick tongue and groove design, with wide double doors to the front.

In keeping with the traditional theme, the Georgian style windows on the doors incorporate mortice and tenon joins.

This is a technique that has been in use for thousands of years to connect adjoining pieces of wood.

Tongue and Groove Shiplap Cladding

The walls are constructed from 12mm cladding which snugly slots together, taking advantage of a strong tongue and groove design.

The “Shire Lumley” has a slanting roof which eschews the contemporary flat-roof style. This “Apex” style has been a mainstay of summer house design for centuries. The 11mm thick roof has a durable felt covering, designed to withstand anything the British weather can throw at it.

lumley treated unpainted

An overhang of just over one foot adds a further touch of class to the design and adds a little extra shade if required.

No Side Windows = Extra Privacy

For some people the lack of side windows is a drawback, whilst others will appreciate the extra element of privacy which it affords.

If you’re concerned about nosy neighbours this is a great feature and will ensure that no one will be able to keep tabs on you. No one needs to know what kind of biscuits you’re enjoying with your afternoon tea…

Ten Year Guarantee

This great summer house comes with a ten year anti-rot guarantee which is very re-assuring.

You should be prudent and consider the durability and longevity of the structure before you buy it. Rather than simply being won over by the charming design and multitude of features.

The British based manufacturer obviously has plenty of confidence to offer the guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about your investment crumbling after a few short years.

This summer house is literally guaranteed for a decade and you can be sure that if you treat it well it will last many years longer.

FSC certified – Eco Friendly

The wood used for the Shire Lumley is FSC certified. This is basically an assurance that the wood is eco-friendly.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has detailed standards which must be met to ensure that forests are managed in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

The certificate is renewed annually by each forestry to ensure that standards are maintained.

A Traditional Colour Scheme

The Lumley will be delivered to you unpainted, this gives you the option of sticking with a natural wooden look, or adding a dash of colour to suit your tastes

lumley different colours

In the above photos are three potential colour schemes. The first sports a woodland green colour with contrasting cream doors and gable. This blends in nicely to a green garden surrounding.

The middle option is a bolder blue style, this certainly draws the eye. Bold colour schemes are a popular choice for people looking to emulate a beach hut theme.

The third colour scheme stylishly coordinates a cream and gentle grey colour. A contrasting colour for the double doors is an elegant touch, especially when applied to these fetching Georgian style doors.

Installation Service And Instructions

If you order from shedstore you can choose an installation service. For many people, assembling garden buildings isn’t one of their fortes, which make this an invaluable service. Although you obviously need to bear in mind that it increases the overall cost of your project.

On the other hand, you may relish the chance to get out your hammer and nails. In that case, you can rest assured that all of the necessary fixings are included along with installation instructions. Hopefully you’re not like me, and will read the instructions before diving into the work.

Final Review Thoughts

The elegant design and compact footprint make this summer house a excellent buy for most gardens. It is pre-treated and comes with a ten year guarantee, all for under £500.

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