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  Wheelie Bin Enclosure Trellis Wheelie Bin Screen Rattan Wheelie Bin Screen Wheelie Bin Screen – Willow Wooden Wheelie Bin Screen
galvanised steel wheelie bin enclosureAmazon
expandable trellis bin screenAmazon
rattan wheelie bin screenAmazon
willow bin screenAmazon
wooden bin screenManoMano
Materials Stones and galvanised steel 4mm Willow, polyester and polyethylene Plastic rattan woven through frame Willow woven through Pressure treated pine
Framework Metal mesh Willow trellis frame Metal frame Metal frame Wooden
  Screens how many bins
How many bins? Three bins Three wheelie bins Two wheelie bins One wheelie bin One wheelie bin
  Overall size (width x depth)
Overall size (width x depth) 250cm x 100cm 200cm x 3cm 115cm x 121cm 81cm x 64cm 70cm x 80cm
  Overall height
Overall height 120cm high 100cm high 80cm high 115cm high 150cm high
Guarantee   12 month guarantee     2 year warranty
Summary A very sturdy wheelie bin enclosure, provides great wind protection. Galvanised steel framework is long lasting. Stones are not included. Difficult to relocate, so be certain about placement. Provides great camouflage, with realistic leaf effect. No watering required. Available in 4 different leaves and colours. Should be attached to a support or base for best results. Hinged sections which allow easy opening. Side panels have hooks on both sides so you can anchor to a wall if required. Lightweight so easy to move, but can also be blown over by a strong gust. Relatively expensive for a simple product. Simple and attractive screen for one wheelie bin. Easy to relocate. Not the most hard-wearing material, but quickly and cheaply solves the problem of unsightly wheelie bins. A more solid enclosure type screen, without a door to allow easy placement of your bin. The pine is treated to ensure a long term solution to keeping your bin disguised

Buying Guide

A simple solution to any problem is often the best. A screen simply blocks unsightly bins from view, replacing the ugly plastic on view with a more pleasing vista, using materials such as willow, artificial leaves or stones.

Before buying a screen you should consider the following:

  • Are your bins stored in a windy area which might flip lightweight screens over?
  • Will you need to move the screen to a different area occasionally?
  • Do you need a single, double or triple bin screen? Or perhaps three single screens?
  • Which kind of screen will coordinate best with your garden or house exterior?

Unsightly Bins or Scavenging Animals

If you have seagulls or foxes in your area you might need more than a simple screen to deter them, in this case a more solid structure such as a double wheelie bin store or the Rowlinson Apex bin store might be advisable. These have solid walls and lids to prevent unwanted access to your bins.

A typical UK wheelie bin measures 58cm wide, 74cm deep and 107cm high

Best Wheelie Bin Disguise

If you want to disguise your wheelie bins, then the leaf effect trellis is a great choice, click to view. It’s available in four different styles shown below, from left to right, laurel leaf, acer leaf, ivy leaf and maple leaf.

Viewed from a distance these look like hedges, you have to get up close to realise it’s an artificial leaf trellis. Even when the illusion is broken they still look attractive.

Trellis Needs Support to Stand Upright

These trellises aren’t free standing so you’ll have to attach them to some kind of support, perhaps a post or wall? Or maybe add some kind of wooden base to allow them to stand up.

Bin Enclosure with Pebbles

My favourite pick is the galvanised metal bin enclosure which you fill with pebbles or stones. It’s rust proof which is essential since it’ll be outside year round. It has enough space to accommodate three wheelie bins.

You can fill the metal framework with stones of your choice allowing you to personalise the finish. If you live in an area with sandstone you might choose sandstone pebbles, or perhaps you prefer something darker and more contemporary, click for more info.

Coloured Layers

You could even get creative and do layers of coloured pebbles. Just make sure that whatever you buy is large enough that they stay within the mesh and won’t fall out.

Most Expensive Option

This option does costs about four times what the other screens cost, before adding the additional cost of the stones, so it’s not a cheap option like the others. However, it’s definitely the sturdiest and will withstand anything the British weather can throw at it (aside from maybe a direct lightning strike!).

Easiest and Cheapest Way to Hide Your Bins

The rattan wheelie bin screen takes practically no effort to setup. You just hook two side panels into place and it’s ready. Despite being the lowest effort option it still looks great. If you’ve been wondering how to hide your wheelie bins cheaply this is a good answer.

The plastic rattan effect is pretty good and rattan always looks classy. It might also combine well with any rattan furniture you have in your garden or patio area.

Having a central theme to your outside space is helpful in tying the space together so if you can kill two birds with one stone that’s a bonus. Hidden bins and coordinated outdoor living area. Tick,

Wooden Wheelie Bin Screen

The sturdy wooden option is a nice compromise between a fully fledged bin store and a screen. It does the job of hiding your bins but doesn’t have a solid door or lid, so it’s still nice and easy to get to your bins and take them out once a week. Click for more info

You could even combine several of these with a leaf trellis screen to make hide your bins and make then more discreet.

Final Review Thoughts

Wheelie bin screens are a cheap way to hide your bins (option 1 excluded) and improve the look of your house. I think we can all agree that having dirty smelly bins in your driveway or next to your house isn’t a good way to impress your visitors or neighbours.

Some of the bin screens on the market are pretty flimsy, a criticism which can be levelled at the willow and rattan screens shared here. Given they’ll be exposed to the elements and take some knocks from fully loaded bins it’s unfair to expect these options to last forever, but as a short term fix for a year or two they should do the trick.

The galvanised metal option and pressure treated wood are a different story and should last a long time. What you choose is ultimately down to your personal taste. Click here for the top pick.