Wooden Bike Shed

The best selling wooden bike shed at shedstore, perfect for bikes / mowers / strimmers and kids garden toys.

Ample storage space and wide double doors make this a perfect alternative to a full size shed.

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Summary Information – Wooden Garden Storage (6’5 x 2’10)
Roof type Pent
Roof material 7mm wooden cladding
Roof covering Black sand felt
Walls 7mm wooden cladding
Floor 8mm OSB (oriented strand board)
Door Double door with hasp and staple lock
Width x depth 1.96m x 0.86m / 6’5″ x 2’10″
Footprint (base) 1.45m²  /  4’9″ ft²
Max height 1.45m  /  4’9″
Treatment Pressure treated
Guarantee 15 year anti-rot warranty
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Wooden Bike Shed For The Garden or Patio

If your porch is cluttered up with bikes, this spacious wooden bike shed is a great way to tidy things up and protect your bikes from the elements. On the inside its about 77cm deep and 1.9m wide which will easily fit two adult bikes. If you carefully arrange things you can probably squeeze in another two smaller children’s bikes.

outdoor storage for bikes

If your problem is kids toys strewn across your back garden, this easily copes with storing everything from scooters to skateboards, inflatable paddling pools, you name it.

They will be protected from the weather when not in use, and you’ll be able to keep things tidy when you have guests over for a barbecue.

If your bikes are top of the range and you’re looking for something impregnable you should also consider an asgard bike shed.

A Low Profile Garden Shed Alternative

At 1.45m high this is a good alternative to a garden shed since it’s not as imposing and is therefore less conspicuous, not to mention cheaper.

wooden storage closed and open doors

The natural timber looks right at home in most gardens. If you’re in a creative mood you could apply a coloured wood stain or even paint it a fetching colour.

Compact Storage For Your Patio?

If you’re wondering whether it will fit on your patio or deck, take a look at the dimensions below and have your measuring tape at the ready.

outdoor garden storage dimensions

The width and depth of the base is 1.86m x 0.78m, the roof is a tad larger which ensures that rain runs off and not into the eaves, but it has a small enough footprint that it should slot into a small garden. If you have a bigger garden you could even hide it behind a conveniently placed bush or wall.

Spacious 2000 Litre Capacity with Large Double Doors

A compact footprint belies the ample storage space, 2000 litres of space means it will accommodate a wide range of garden equipment inside.

In the picture below you can see it easily stores a lawnmower, a spade and garden fork. On the right side is some compost and some spare plant pots. It doesn’t even look that full.

lawnmower storage

Most people have a lawnmower taking up unwanted space in the garage or log cabin, having a dedicated storage area for your mower, edge-strimmer and hedge cutter will free up your other areas to serve their original purpose.

Durable Long Lasting Parts

The hinges and clasps used are sturdy enough to withstand years of abuse. If you want to prevent access to the contents you can add a padlock to the clasp to keep prying hands out. This will keep your dangerous garden implements safely locked away from young children and bikes can be more securely stored to prevent theft.

storage hinge latch and wood

Overlapping timber ensures that rain has no entry point and keeps all of your stored items in good condition. The timber is also pressure treated which should keep it in prime condition for a long time.

This outdoor store also features a pent roof with a slight incline, a straightforward solution to prevent standing water.

A mineral felt roof cover provides additional protection from the elements and is durable enough to last longer than 15 years, this kind of felt is is used across the UK on hundreds of thousands of sheds, summer houses and outdoor storage areas like this.

Review Summary

If you’ve been looking for a wooden bike shed, this ticks all the boxes at a really competitive price. The wide double doors make for easy access and the 15 year guarantee means you can rely on it for years to come.

This is a bestseller with good reason. Click here to visit the retailer