Yardmaster Green Metal Shed (10′ x 8′)

green metal shed - main

A large 10 x 8 metal shed suitable for storing all your garden equipment and keeping it safe from the elements.

The galvanised metal is painted an emerald green which helps it blend in to garden surroundings, comes with a 15 year guarantee.

Summary Information – Yardmaster Green Metal Shed (10′ x 8′) / Emerald Deluxe
Roof type Apex
Roof material Hot dipped galvanised steel
Walls Galvanised steel
Floor n/a
Windows n/a
Door Sliding doors with attachment for padlock
Width x depth 3.03m x 2.37m / 9’11″ x 9’4″
Footprint (base) 6.4m² / 21’2″ ft²
Max height 2.02m  /  6’8″
Treatment Galvanised (7 layers treatment )
Guarantee 15 year anti-rust guarantee
Price Click here for current price

A more detailed review can be found below…

High Strength Ribbed Roof and Wall Panels

High strength ribbed panels on the roof and walls, combined with the galvanised finish mean this metal shed is manufactured to last.

Yardmaster green metal shed 10 x 8

It has a 15 year anti-rust guarantee and doesn’t require maintenance, unlike most outdoor buildings.

The emerald green colour allows it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, if it’s for use in an agricultural setting, that’s probably a minor point, but if it’s for your garden, aesthetics may be the main stumbling block. A seemingly minor detail such as this could be the clincher in getting agreement from your other half for your shed.

If you choose your moment, the line “an emerald green metal shed” may help win the argument over whether your old wooden shed really needs replacing…

yardmaster metal roof

The panels have folded edges for safety and there are ventilation points built into the ceiling. This helps prevent a damp humid atmosphere, which could otherwise compromise the building as a storage location.

Several Excellent Features Included as Standard

Below you can see several useful features. The first image shows the eaves with galvanised girders and the ventilation shafts which allow air to circulate and help prevent condensation, a common issue for metal sheds lacking ventilation.

standard features

If you’ve been wondering how to anchor a metal shed to concrete, the middle picture has the answer, the anchor fixings are included as standard. These allow you to fix the building to a base, whether that be concrete, paved or other (Note that a base is not included as standard, it’s an additional extra).

On the right is one of the heavy duty screws, all of which are rust-free, another touch which helps guarantee the structural integrity of the building for the long-haul.

How Tall is the Roof?

High Gables are part of the design and mean you can store tall equipment in the shed with no problems.

You can also install some heavy duty shelves to take maximum advantage of your shed. I find this is a great way to keep things organised.

If you need to know the precise measurements, the diagram below shows the height width and depth measurements of the shed.

yardmaster emerald shed exact measurements

The other advantage of a high roof is internal headroom for tall people. The apex stands at 2.26 metres, and the gently angled roof stands at 1.8m on the sides. This prevent you banging your head, although the door-frame is a bit lower and has the potential for a little head-banging.

Large Green Metal Shed for Storage

The doors are 120cm wide which is enough to comfortably allow entry of wheelbarrows and most garden equipment. If you’re looking for somewhere to store your ride-on lawnmowers (or lawn tractors as they’re known in some circles) you could use it at a pinch. However, the length of 225cm may prove be a sticking point.

It’s enough for smaller models, but if you intend using this as a small garage you should double-check the length to be certain.

overlapping sliding doors

If you have a push lawnmower the length is obviously not an issue. This shed has plenty of space to store all manner of garden equipment, with space left over for bikes and assorted bits and pieces you can’t bear to throw out.

You could also add a few heavy duty shelf units to take maximum advantage of the high ceiling.

The double doors slide open, so they’re on runners rather than being hinged. This means no flapping about in the wind, which is useful if you’re going to be karting things in and out. The metal door handles also come machined with a hole at the top and bottom which allows you to affix a padlock (or two) to keep things secure.

Sturdy Metal Entry Ramp

If you intend to store heavy machinery or materials which you’ll be wheeling in and out, a ramp is a must to prevent gradual deterioration of the entry point. As you can see below the metal ramp below has a gentle incline and is solid enough that it won’t be a point of failure.

entry ramp

Be aware that this shed doens’t come with a base as standard, it’s an additional extra. If you’re looking for a metal shed with a floor you’ll need to select that option at the point of checkout. As an alternative, you could erect the building on a solid paved area, or pour a concrete base.

Seven Layered Protection

Yardmaster’s galvanised sheds have a seven layered protection system, which they market as a “superior galvanising method for longer lasting results”. You might be wondering what that actually means, well, the individual steps are noted below:

  1. Wash reverse
  2. Oxide Layer
  3. Full immersion process
  4. Hot dipped galvanised steel
  5. Oxide Layer
  6. Primer Coat
  7. Finish Coat

The galvanising process in steps 3 and 4 involves immersing the steel in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 450C. Well, this all sounds suitably impressive, but the key takeaway is that it gives excellent corrosion resistance.

galvanised steel
Characteristic appearance of galvanised steel

Finishing the galvanising process with additional layers of paint as they do, results in a finished product which needs practically zero maintenance. The British manufacturers – Yardmaster – are so confident in their rust proof shed that they include a 15 year guarantee.

Maintenance Free for 15 Years?

I find the prospect of no maintenance pretty appealing. No yearly painting or tedious application of rust-inhibiting primer… sign me up. The care they’ve taken on the panels and roof means that it’s safe from peeling and blistering.

These are afflictions commonly seen on buildings or walls which haven’t been prepped correctly or which use sub-standard paints. I only have to look at the shoddily painted window-frames on my house to see that.

Something which looks splendid on day 1, doesn’t look so good after 2 years as the paint begins to peel away, revealing a different colour underneath.

rotting wooded shed

Aside from not having to paint the shed, if you buy a galvanised metal shed you can also side-step some more terminal problems which affect wooden sheds, such as swelling, rotting or splitting wood.

Instructions Booklet and Diagrams

Detailed instructions come with the shed which carefully guide you through the assembly of each section. If you’ve been searching for how to build a metal shed, yardmaster have the answer. Everything is displayed very clearly with diagrams of how to attach each part. The parts themselves are also clearly labelled.

yardmaster instruction booklet example
How to install the metal roofing panels

The instructions also include diagrams of all the constituent parts with the exact number of pieces you should have, this allows you to check before commencing each part of the build.

If you’re looking for a metal shed, this green Yardmaster 8 x 10 is an excellent proposition, the instructions have plenty of guidance so you can be sure you won’t be left with a bag of screws, a half made shed and a confused look on your face.

Review Summary

If you’ve previously owned a shed which has rotted or rusted away, you will be well aware of the benefits of a galvanised metal shed over a wooden shed.

As far as big green metal sheds go, this is one of the best available and comes with a market leading 15 year guarantee. This gets a thumbs up from me. Click here to visit the retailer.